November 29, 2010


Seen the Robert Schwentke's new action movie "RED", starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich (these last two ones I loved the most), Mary-Louise Parker, and Morgan Freeman.

Based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, the film centres on former black-ops agent Frank Moses (Willis), who reassembles his old team in a last-ditch effort to survive after his idyllic retirement is threatened by an assassin...Take a look!

Take a look!

November 28, 2010

Childhood habits...

We got home last night late enough...after a 12 hour trip back from Braila, we were exhausted! All my body hurts...and all this 3 day trip to this theatre festival left me energy drained...
Now it's time to recover. It's sunday, and even if I was off from the theatre work, still had to do some things that related to it...
But anyhow...I started my day with the kind of breakfast that I love the most... Leibniz biscuits with butter, dipped in hot chocolate milk (by the way, I'm a milk addict)...
That really makes my day!...and I have a thing for dipping sweet things in milk or's a childhood habit that I still love...and yes, I do spoil myself with it anytime I've got a chance! :) I'll do it as long as I live, for sure! :))
Hope you enjoyed your weekend! See you soon!

P.S. Hope I have sparked your desire to drink a cup of hot milk! :))

November 25, 2010 festival

Here we are, left Maramures land for 3 days to attend the "Zile si nopti" Theatre Festival in Braila. The trip was 12 hours long, but we did it by night, so I could sleep...and the time flew a lot more easier. It was my first time in be honest, the town looks very bad, close to horrible. Anyway this is just a first impression, but one thing is absolutely sure -> I'll never go there again for fun or to visit it. During the day we've arrived, we went for a walk to see the Danube and we were lucky enough to enjoy the sunny weather.
Then we went to look for a cake shop that Mate and Inna said it has good cookies and sweets...and we found it. The pics below will tell you everything ♥♥ :)

November 23, 2010

...secrets revealed

here we are...Victoria's Secret 2010-2011...
just the ones that I loved and I would wear anytime!

November 22, 2010

in love...and fast

Today I got to go with some theatre friends and colleagues to Cluj...but like ...really fast! We spent the afternoon there, and by midnight we were back to Baia. Couldn't miss the Polus Mall...where I couldn't miss Zara...obviously...where I fell in love with a lot of items...that I'm planning to enrich my closet with.
I loved the minimalist style of this little black dress...I took a pic with my phone, but there's a pic from their site, to get a better idea.
yessssssss....leopard print shoes....
I had to try them on, and they were pretty comfortable too. Unfortunately they didn't make it to my closet...yet.... Santa?? :)
phone pics...
Then... fell in love with that tuxedo like blazer and this wool coat...
and this black lace stilettos...perfect for a statement outfit (just like the animal print ones...)
One thing that I really wanted and finnaly found @Polus, was an atumn floppy hat, that i looove and can't wait to wear this coming days :) Next time, I'll get one in nude colour too...
banana republic hat
I don't do fact, I hate fast-food. But probably I'm just one of the few people on earth that think that way. Here are Mate and Inna, enraged by this KFC chicken wings -that were sooooo damn hot....yeah I made the mistake to have a bite. That bite remembered me why I don't do fast-food. Anyway...they loved them so much, the whole basket disappeared in a matter of minutes...

November 21, 2010


“A young man with a strange hobby. A couple with two partners who hate each other. A father who no longer stands the family concept and wants to travel around the world. A mother who lost her way in life. A daughter with no friends but with a passion for Egyptology. Another daughter without landmarks, that wants to know how it’s like to have a boyfriend. A young man recently dumped by his girlfriend…During an ordinary evening, these eight characters accidentally meet in a downtown bar and their lives change forever. Under the sight of the "cold baby", the characters live things that happen to regular people: they fell in love, get married, have children, die…trying to answer the child’s question : does it worth “growing a big man” or not?...“The Cold Baby" was written in 2002 by Marius von Mayenburg, one of Europe's most acclaimed contemporary playwrights.

Here we are...the last two months of work, finally came to a conclusion...tonight we'll host the premiere of the theatre show called "The cold kid(child)". Yesterday came with some good and bad mom came to see the performance last night, and I was so glad I had some time to spend with her...last time we've seen each other was in september. And then the bad news...well the PMS showed it's crappy face, and it hurts so bad...I had like 3 strong pain killers yesterday. And this morning, when my mom left at 5.30, the pain just got worst. I just hope I'll be able to play a good show tonight ... it still hurts right now... are 2 pics from a rehearsal...Hope you'll enjoy them, and maybe I'll see you tonight in the audience! You have a great sunday!!!!!!