June 26, 2011

flawless acting ... All About Eve

The vacation I dreamed for and wanted, was crushed by the cold weather that swept over the entire country. It was unbelievable...we had 10˚ C at night in July!!! i couldn't do anything...no going out, no sipping a fresh on a terrace, no sunbathing, no forest trips...nothing. I just made my way from mom's home to my sis's and back... It never happened to me before. And it rained almost all the time. So...most of the time, I either ate, browsed the net or watched movies...with a lot of snacks beside... :)) So this is how I ran into "All About Eve".  I must confess I had it on the hard drive for a few months now and I got it because I knew it was one of the first movies where M. Monroe featured... Till I met Bette Davis...and it changed my point of view. It wasn't about M.M. anymore...It was Bette Davis's movie. She actually became my fave actress of all times. Fabulous acting and I loved the theme, because I understood it better being an actress. Loved the movie. It's definitely a MUST SEE! So, go grab it!...at least the rainy weather had also a bright side for me :)

Original Title : All About Eve
Director : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Mary Orr (I)
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Darryl F. Zanuck
Music : Alfred Newman
Photography : Milton R. Krasner
Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
Anne BaxterEve Harrington aka Gertrude Slojinski, Margo's Protege
George SandersAddison DeWitt, Narrator/Theatre Critic &
Celeste HolmMrs. Karen Richards/Narrator
Gary MerrillBill Sampson, Director/Margo's boyfriend
Hugh MarloweLloyd Richard, Playwright
Gregory Ratoff
Max Fabian, Theatrical Producer 

June 25, 2011

narcotic night...

After the movie shootings were over in Cluj, it was time to finally go home. Like at my parents home first in Sf.Gheorghe. Of course I had to join my sis to the club...especially when Club Cinema had as guests Narcotic Sound. :)) I don't wanna tell you how mad I was after they did a crappy half an hour performance...though it's too much to say "performance"..and they got like 1500euros... So...they considers themselves artists, right...? Things are so damn unfair. Take me...as example, with 6 years of Acting faculty / Acting Master Degree, I work my but off for every show...months in a row, and I sing and dance too (pretty good they say)...and I don't get even a quarter of that money in a month...I repeat in a month!!! Life sucks...or at least, being an actor in Romania sucks... Cause the big leaders of this country don't give a shit when it comes to culture...Sad...
Anyways...I tried to have a good time and forget about these douchebags... Enjoy the pics! :)
With my sis and the douchebag... :))

June 20, 2011


Last summer I started shooting a movie for a friend in Cluj. The bad luck was when the script was talking about a drought...and when Mate and I arrived in the city, a nasty storm started...And it kept on going for the next days. So the work was postponed....for an year later. :) We went this time again, decided to finish what we started...for good! The script changed a bit, the weather was just fine and fewer characters... :)) We finished it ...it's true, it's a short movie...but we did it in three days. :)

June 19, 2011

BBQ Chicken Wings

No more to say...BBQ Chicken Wings...Mate's fave food ever!! :)) Cooking & Photos by me :)

June 16, 2011

Happy, happy b-day, baby!

Another day filled with special events: the main one? My bf turns 26! He didn't wanted to to a B-Day party back at our place, so we choose to gather some friends at our fave summer terrace and celebrate...this is what we did as soon as the last theatre performance ended. And you know what...? We couldn't plan it any better. We got back home around 8 am the second day :))))) Crazy night I swear!!! :D :D :D

June 15, 2011

nude blues

I've been stuck on the paisley pattern since last summer, but I just simply couldn't find any piece of clothing with it. So when at the beginning of this summer I saw these pants, I knew they were going to be mine. With a nude top, a Turkish amulet "Evil Eye" (got it while I was in Turkey) and a blue color blocking purse (also from Turkey ) & Zara sandals, I was ready to go for another theatre play. :)
Hope you're getting the best out of summer! Talk to you soon!
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Love, Gab~

June 14, 2011

Starry Night

Here are more photos that I took during the performance of Hikaru Otsubo, called "Starry Night". This amazing butoh dance artist has been invited at the Atelier festival for several years and it's a pleasure to see him again in Baia Mare. A couple of years ago we even made a workshop of butoh dance with him, that I really enjoyed! So after helping him by translating to our romanian crew the way he wanted his lights, I was anxious to see the show, to see if everything goes as planned. The show went ok and he was satisfied by the lights (as well as him mom, that comes every year with him). The pics are beautiful but they are nothing like seeing Hikaru on stage... Hope you'll enjoy them anyway! :)


Trying the play as much as I can these days... with the color blocking effect,  with high heels, with nail polishes, with ping pong balls, with words, with people...wink wink... :)) I love this outfit. It's all I can say. :) Love the Zara Top, the Bershka belt, TerraNova pants and teh Stradivarius pumps. 

Theatre plays~then after luch we hit the Gold Plaza games room~ seen the Japanese performance; they needed a bit of help with the translation, I spent more than an hour playing with words :) ~ spending time with dear people...and that's quite it! 
~with Zeno, a lovely lady working at the theatre :)
▼Hikaru Otsubo, performing "Starry Night"
▼Ping pong foolin' around time! :))
phsss...acting people background...hard to deal with :)))