May 28, 2010

so the legend started...

Wasn't sorry I went to see it...though there are some boooring moments... :) 

Loved Cate!

May 27, 2010

they didn't loose in the end...

Loved the OST, the boys really had some action going on... :) She's not bad either! See it!

May 26, 2010

...the rush of the kittens :)

The image is outstanding, the special effects too...but that's it... didn't convinced me.

May 21, 2010

and smile

...just in need for some photos for the theare's new site. It's coming up on the 6th of june, when the Int. Theatre Festival "Atelier" is starting! Can't wait to!
And now back to our (photo) sheep...When it's work, it's almost every time fun too..
Thought I'd post some pieces :)

May 13, 2010

word addicted...

... popsicle(s)...
It's such a joy for the tongue to say it, to taste it and for the eye to "eat" it!
...yeah ...I get addicted to words now and then! :)

May 11, 2010

morning dream

Woke up in the morning craving for a pancake filled with sweet cheese and raisins...topped with cream and strawberry sirup. Well, we found the perfect place that satisfied my dream. So, if you'd like to try some, just pay them a visit!

During a break from driving back home, enjoying the Maramures view...and recording it :)

May 9, 2010

and the winner is...

Inevitably I went to check out some stores that I'm a big fan of. Got some Aldo summer shoes, browsed some Zara dresses, in the end got the nude one standing right behind me :)  I also loved the one I have on, in the pic below...maybe next time I'll get it... And ate some cheese pasta to reload some energy to continue the venture throughout the Polus Mall stores. Cause back in the city where I'm working, I have not an important store to buy clothes...most of them suck. :(


Just a photo that I did in the Carturesti Library, in Iulius Mall... wonderful tea needs.

having fun :)

Since I've last been in Cluj, some changes were made...for example, the Matei Corvin Square was updated with these wonderful "water falls". We had so much fun photographing us through them and they looked absolutely fantastic by night, lighted each with a different color :)

It's like a blue lava coming out of the ground :)

May 8, 2010

Cluj sweet Cluj

  • In Cluj for some days with bizz
  • Missed every building of this city
  • Met a lot of friends
  • Couldn't keep myself away from some girl shops
  • Had a nice walk in the central park
  • had a wonderful day :)
  • Glad to be in Cluj again!