March 28, 2010

HAPPY B-DAY Cinnamon Spiced Art !!

So, Yes... I've been sharing with the world the most important things in my life for an year now, that means Happy B-Day Cinnamon Spiced Art! Hope I'll have enough inspiration and facts to keep you interested in this blog! all of you who are reading this ( and will keep on reading it for now on too!)
Big hug, Gabriela

March 27, 2010

and the premiere...

I've celebrated World Theatre Day on stage, as every actor should. Remember the play I was talking about in the last posts? Well...we finally came out with it. "The Wonderful World of Dissocia" it's written by Anthony Neilson about a young woman suffering from dissociative disorder. Working on it was not easy...all by yourself... but after 2 months it came out and the spectators liked it. Plus, my mom came a 9 hours train way from home to see it(me)! And I was really glad, it's always reconfortating when seeing family among the public! And God knows, I needed her smile so much! Thanks Mom! The best!
So in this play, I'm don't know how to describe her in order to be "politically correct"... Well, she's going to save Lisa ( the damaged girl) from the sexual abuse that The Goat Man was going to apply to her... :)) So I'm taking over (the Goat man) for good! :D
It's interesting to see and funny at the same time. Soon I'll maybe post a video on the blog...
Will keep you in touch with that!
Enjoy the pics, and if you have questions, I'll be glad to answer!
Big hug, Gabriela
some romanian stuff about the show:


Theatre artists/lovers should consider this day as closest as their birth day...
Here it is the 2010 Theatre Day message for us:

"World Theatre Day is an opportunity to celebrate Theatre in all its myriad forms. Theatre is a source of entertainment and inspiration and has the ability to unify the many diverse cultures and peoples that exist throughout the world. But theatre is more than that and also provides opportunities to educate and inform.

Theatre is performed throughout the world and not always in a traditional theatre setting. Performances can occur in a small village in Africa, next to a mountain in Armenia, on a tiny island in the Pacific. All it needs is a space and an audience. Theatre has the ability to make us smile, to make us cry, but should also make us think and reflect.

Theatre comes about through team work. Actors are the people who are seen, but there is an amazing set of people who are not seen. They are equally as important as the actors and their differing and specialist skills make it possible for a production to take place. They too must share in any triumphs and successes that may hopefully occur.

March 27 is always the official World Theatre Day. In many ways every day should be considered a theatre day, as we have a responsibility to continue the tradition to entertain, to educate and to enlighten our audiences, without whom we couldn’t exist."

March 25, 2010

latest pics

New photos I took the last days were posted eather on my facebook account or on my twitpic acc... Soon I will let you know about the things I've done lately and the things that are just about to happen! Hope you all enjoy spring, cause I know I do!

( you have it on the blog, left side bar too)
xoxo, Gabriela

March 24, 2010

breakfast at ... The Giraffe Manor

Being a dreamer and hoping all my dreams will come true...
If you just happen to visit Kenya'll have to experience this unique feeling - inviting to breakfast you neighbour ... especially when that neighbour is a giraffe :))
I would definitely love that!
Check it out!

March 17, 2010

Living in California...

This is also a reason I would go again to the States...this hot spot just opened up in LA and the concept is sweet and simple: the idea is centered around a "blow dry bar" - no cuts, no color - just blow outs for $35 (wash included). They even have a "menu" of different blowout styles to choose from. And it gets even better...they serve cocktails so you can relax and sip on a cosmo or glass of wine, they make your hair (and you) look fabulous. It just seams a lot like The Library it!

March 16, 2010

forget about it...'s just one of those periods when the only thing you do it's WORK...
when it comes to acting it's hard to switch off when done working with a stage director, and start all over with a new one...
A thing I love when acting, it's the process of creating a theatre show, the work with other actors and- above all- with the stage director. HE's the leader, he has to have a dream, a story that we, the actors, should help him materialize it...and I experienced on my own skin what happens when he's THERE just because you see him seating on a freakin' chair...and that's all what he does. That's not a stage director for sure...that's the type of "master" that fucks up your brains, energy, will to work, will to create...and so many other things that an artist needs do his job.
I'm lucky I'm listening right now to Al Di Meola, who does a great music that helps me relax and forget all kind of unpleasant memories...
So...what is Gabriela doing these days...besides working on a new theatre play, which, by the way, HAS a Stage Director :)
... craving for the spring to come, it's been snowing for the past 3 days...I had enough of snow and frozen hands (still, I have to admit, I had a half day off from the theatre and we went snowboarding a bit- not mentioning that I still feel every muscle of my an old lady :))...)
... well I'm working on my voice everyday, cause we'll going to sing some really hard to reach notes,
... then we do some exercises to keep our bodies fit
...I'm supporting my Bf, who's trying to quit smoking - so our house is full with tones of snacks :)
...having enough of living in a city that it's full of retarded people, especially when it comes to Public Services ( you'd better wish your death before needing them!)
...rented some movies
....bought a couple of books, that I'm hoping to read soon!
... waiting for a Cluj trip (spring needs)
....waiting for the premiere (at the end of the month) of the movie we did in nov-dec last year
Meanwhile, I try to surround myself with beautiful things, good energy, smiles and happy thoughts.
But I would definitely forget about Romania and fly to Beijing or Paris for a couple of weeks...I just need some time off...don't you?

March 5, 2010

Vote for me! Vote for Benetton!

I always loved coloured clothes...but most of all, brands that carry a meaning with every tee or pant they are creating...
This is, indubitably, the United Colours Of Benetton that I'm talking about!I remember when I was little I used to have a UCofB little magazine, that I was in love love with all those different people, those perfect colours... I used to dream to get dressed like that when I was going to grow up! :) Sweet memories...
The reason why the title of this post is "Vote for me! Vote for Benetton!" it's because the brand is making a worldwide on line casting for the next fall/winter campaign... so, I'm in it too...and I only need your vote! It's fun and there are a lot of beautiful people!
Check it out and VOTE for me! :)
Here's the site -

Have a nice weekend everyone!
Don't forget to love and smile!