July 30, 2011

heading to UK

One of my fave parts of this journey is ~always~ reaching England by ferry. We're driving till France, Calais...and then it's ferry time. It's something that I love when it comes to cruisin' on a ship. I think I would love a vacation on a cruise, for sure...Well not near the UK shores...I prefer warm and suny weather, thank you. :D 
And then, I get to visit the duty free area. Ok, it's not even close to the airports offers...but it's ok. Just like last year, I got out of there with high end make up stuff and books. 
What can I say...I'm a creature of habit. :D
Rediscovered in my closet this cute Vero Moda top that I thought it would match with my Zara electric orange pants. Summer boots also from Zara. Trying to wear clothes as comfi as possible while traveling. :)
Stay tuned!
Love, Gab~

July 29, 2011

Ghent, Belgium

On our way to Langley, UK, we have to stop (just like last year) in Ghent, Belgium. This is where we're supposed  to take the staff coach and leave for England for an entire month of working and having fun (speaking english at all times) with belgian teens and wonderful dutch/english staff members. So this is the main reason we're travelling, me and my sweetheart throughout Europe. Just like last year, we took Mate's car, so we ca visit more cities and places as we ride to Belgium. 
This time, the weather in Ghent was pretty cold, so we tried to have a snack and a beer (form their 400 types) at the House of Beer, as we've created already a custom whenever we arrive in Belgium to hit the french fries and beer locals.... :))) Only if you'd taste them, you'll know what I'm talking about. After a while, we had to go inside ( I was freezin') at the first floor, because downstaires was full of tourists. Here....surprisingly , was nobody...So we had our beers in peace...and the we went hunting for some french fries with andalusian sauce. Period.
Stay with me throughout my jounrey! 
Love, Gab~

July 28, 2011

Frankfurt am Main

We only got late in the evening in Frankfurt, but we had some hours to wander around and discover this amazing city. 
Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on the river Main) it's probably the most interesting mixture between an old and historical European city and an American like skyline that I got to see.... It's absolutely gorgeous. I felt I was on two different continents at once, and roaming from one to another, just by passing a street. From the  St.Bartholomeus Cathedral, St. Paul's Church, Romerberg, the Alte Oper ~ all well preserved/reconstructed monuments of the XIV-XVth Century or XIXth Century ~ till the skyscrapers from the financial district...everything in this city breathes the tight bond between history and modern times. ...it just reminded me so well of Atlanta, Georgia... Not to mention the Goethe Street...that must be every fashionista's favorite   spot ...you'll see why in the pics that follow ... Enjoy! :)
...and when you look back on how this city was left after the Second World War in 1944...it's just amazing how fast the Germans reconstructed it... unbelievable...

Nürnberg, Bavaria

After we've visited Durer's House, I had on the Must See List the following spots(which were indeed amazing!!): The Old City hall, The Beautiful Fountain, The Hospice of the Holly Spirit, the Castle(Pilatushaus), St.Sebaldus Church, Our Lady's Church, the Meat Bridge...and the list would go on and on...
Civilized city, with kind people (at least with tourists) and many great historical things to learn about and  admire. By the way, Nurnberg is famous for it's ginger bread...of course I tried it...and it's the best I had in my 26 years of living...soft, tasty, unique...delicious! Enjoy the pics!
Love, Gab~