August 21, 2009

no time for rest

Back in my home town, evey friday night is party time. Since my sis is working at this lounge bar and she handles the music playlist, and by midnight all the friends are around, there's no way you can fall asleep in that atmosphere. These are some pics before the bar got crowded..and man...that was a night! Enjoy!
I always had a special relationship with my sis, love her!

August 13, 2009

Muffin film...

The last thing I got to visit in Oslo, was the Film Museum... the only place where the info was not translated in english so it was quite had to figure all the things the film history said...but I loved it anyway! Check out the pics!
man...when it comes to sweets...I can give up food but not to a delicious muffin...just enjoying my muffin on the Oslo streets...

And that was the END of my Norway sweet journay.

Hope you liked it too!

August 11, 2009

"The Frieze of Life"

The Munch Museum (Norwegian: Munchmuseet) is a museum in Oslo, Norway dedicated to the work and life of the painter Edvard Munch. up: print cover of the "Madonna" up: "Madonna"
It opened its doors in 1963, the collection consists of works and articles willed by Munch to the municipality of Oslo, additional works donated by his sister Inger Munch, and various other works obtained through trades of duplicate prints, etc. As a result, the museum now has in its permanent collection well over half of the artist's entire production of paintings and at least one copy of all his prints. This amounts to over 1,100 paintings, 15,500 prints covering 700 motives, six sculptures, as well as 500 plates, 2,240 books, and various other items.
In addition to its collection of works of art, the museum also contains educational and conservation sections. It has facilities for performing arts. up: "The scream"
up: "Dance of Life"
up:"Jealousy""The Vampire"

Oslo Botanical Garden

The University Botanical Garden at Tøyen in Oslo is Norway's oldest botanical garden, established in 1814. It is administrated by the University of Oslo.

The collection includes roughly 35,000 plants of about 7500 unique species.

The Botanical garden is the largest in the country. Several thousands of Norwegian and foreign plants demonstrate the Garden's botanical variety. The beautiful Rock garden, with its waterfalls and 1450 species of mountain flora, is one of the many highlights.

August 10, 2009

Reserved for H.Ibsen

Reserved for H.Ibsen- Grand Cafe-Grand Hotel As an art lover, especially a theatre one, you I couldn't miss to drink a hot chocolate at the Grand Cafe of The Grand Hotel in Oslo, where years ago, H.Ibsen used to seat at his table at 11 a.m. every day and have lunch. The table was still there waiting for him, with the newspaper on it!
I read his plays, I personify his characters, and now I got to step on his foot steps in the city where he lived his last 11 years.

inside the Grand Hotel
Oslo Cathedral


August 9, 2009

island walk

We've decided to take a walk on a different island, near ours, before dinner. Norway never ceases to amaze me, love it! And since I love nature, the forest and the fjord make an interesting match, not to mention all the goodies you can find walking through the forest!
I just loved this apple tree, it has personality :))
to jump or not to jump!

August 8, 2009

Gone fishing...:))

When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me with him, to some lakes outside town ... He was fishing and I used to collect the little ones in my fishing bag! Awsome memories!

For the first time ever, my own fishing session, ended up with ... a single's not a faboulous amount, but I was happy with my first achievement. Not mentioning a big one escaped along with my bait!!

Still love to fish though!I think the poor fish died stragled by my own hadns ( because of the excitement), not cause it was out of the water...sorry fishy!that was not the bait....

August 7, 2009

ancient Oslo

Coming in Norway and not seeing The Viking Ship Museum , it's like going to Paris without seeing La Tour Eiffel. A single word to describe these 3 ancient ships: incredible!
Oseberg Ship
It is part of the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo, and houses archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad (Sandefjord), Oseberg (Tønsberg) and the Borre mound cemetery. The museum displays the Viking Age Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship and Tune ship alongside sledges, beds, a (horse) cart, wood carving, tent components, buckets and other grave goods.In the Viking Ship Museum visitors enter and immediately face the Oseberg Ship. If you walk past the ship, you can reache the centre of the museum, with artefacts from the Oseberg discovery right in front, the Gokstad Ship to the left and the Tune Ship to the right. The Museum also has a balcony that is open to the public with a beautiful view from above of the Oseberg Ship and Gokstad Ship. On the mezzanine above the entrance there are thematic stop: The Fram Museum The museum shows the history of the polar explorers. Here you’ll find the world’s most famous polar ship, the Fram, from 1892. The ship is displayed in its original condition with interior and objects perfectly preserved. Every visitor is welcome on board! The museum tells the story of the Norwegian polar expeditions, who also represent international history in the field of polar exploration: Nansen's journey across the Polar ocean and his attempt to go to the North Pole, Sverdrup's expedition to Greenland, a voyage where more than 200 000 square kilometers of unchartered land was discovered, and Amundsens journey to the South Pole, the discovery of the Northwest Passage and his attempt to reach the North Pole by plane and airship. The exhibitions in the museum have a representative selection of animals from the Polar region, like polar bears and penguins.

After visiting these beautiful pieces of art since ancient times, a bit of rest taking a sunbath near the North Sea shoreit's a YES SIR!