December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

customs and traditions in Neamt

More than a couple of years passed since I last visited my grandparents in the Neamt region. What's special about this area is during winter time (around New Year) people have lots of customs, traditional dances preserved since decades ago...I really wanted to see them this year, I got some videos too, but till I'll sort them, enjoy the pics (and the info)!! Plus I had two cousins costumed...I had to be there!

A bit of info : The life of the Romanian peasant has always been structured around the yearly cycle of labour, agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting, fishing and beekeeping. The life of a peasant has always meant making the land productive, not with the aim of becoming rich, but simply to assure a good living for his family. The yearly cycle is also followed in traditions and beliefs, many related to a good crop and placating the spirits. Among the most important traditional beliefs are the ancestors’ spirits, which are said to return among the living during the winter holidays from Christmas to Epiphany. They do not come with harm in mind and are paid due respect. If these spirits delay the return to their own land there is a risk that they could turn dangerous.The same mask playing tradition recounts also beliefs in the supernatural powers of animals, such as the bear (symbolizing protection and strength), the goat, the ram, the ostrich, which are represented with realistic masks.
I got the chance to see many relatives along with old friends and the weather was so warm for this period of the year, that allowed us to enjoy the show!

December 29, 2009

Senor Patata en Iulius Mall

Shopping in Auchan.
Ate a potato with lots of goodies in it at Sr. Patata in the Food Court.
Loved it as usual!
Shopping at Sephora.
Took pics with Mate and his mom.
Indulged ourselves with Betty ice cream.
Had a glass of water in Stop Cafe.
Went home for a good nigh rest! = A simple and wonderful day!

December 28, 2009

leisure time

In Iulius Mall Suceava, having a rest.
 Enjoying my glass of plain water with lemon...

December 27, 2009

Romanie ... plai cu boi

Ne-am distrat cat ne-am distrat acasa.... show-ul adevarat a inceput cand ne-am decis sa pornim spre Moldova... Zapada incepuse sa se topesca in Sfantu'...insa cum am iesit spre Tg.Secuiesc, nori grei, cenusii isi faceau aparitia cat vedeam cu ochii...anuntau zapada. N-am inaintat prea mult, in Oituz deja ningea. Maruntel dar sigur. Astfel ca odatatrecuti de Onesti, in drum spre Bacau am intampinat o multime de naplaceri...cred ca am vazut vreo 8 masini accidentate, cozi de zeci de circulam cu max 10-20 la ora pe anumite portiuni. A trebuit sa punem lanturile pt ca derapam inspaimantator de tare...
Destinatia finala era Campulung...cand iesim din Gura Humorului, nu mai ningea, drumul era cat de curat( fata de ce experimentasem deja...) ce mai...o buna ocazie sa-i dai gaz... Pustiu orasul fiind, Mate mergea usor peste viteza legala. Depaseste in preajma unei treceri de pietoni un Logan alb, aparent banal... Insa peste cateva minute il vedem cum ne depaseste usor si apare flegmatic o mana care ne sfatuieste sa tragem pe dreapta... Ca sa nu mai prelungesc povestea...era evident politia rutiera la lucru...dragii de ei....
Ne-au fript o amenda doar pt ca nu aveam asigurarea la noi, Mate o uitase in Baia... Asa ca bucuria adusa de curcani, a fost cireasa de pe tort , tortul fiind ziua luuunga si plina de probleme rutiere. Am facut din Sf.Gheorghe pana in Campulung nu mai putin de 10 ore...
Happy Holidays!!!


prostioare luate dintr-o benzinarie...

December 26, 2009

Christmas Party

So Christmas night went really nice and simple....well... if I can say "simple" with a lot of crazy people in the house ... We had DJ Ball as a guest to our Christmas dinner, so with a bit of help from Lore, I managed to serve a beautiful and delicious meal, with a seafood entree and oven baked chicken with mashed potatoes. Soon after we finished, Catalin (the DJ) and Florin headed to the club cause they had to put some things together for the night, and the rest of us started to prepare for the Christmas Party (after I washed a huge pile of dishes ).

with my sis, Rox

up - BlackmateMan,
who is always an entertainer and the photographer...
you just can't get bored when he's around! :)

up - Florin, who's been working both last night and tonight...
but still smilin'

and a tone of pics with me.... :D

again with ma sis

Lore, me and Roxx

It's not a commercial for's just one of the things that I drink when I go out... since I didn't feel like drinking Bacardi Breezer, a plain water is always a plan B! Plus, it hydrates my body and I can go on dancing all night! :)

December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

For the Christmas day, we've decided to honor Lore's invitation to have lunch back to her place! For the first time this holiday, I just sat on the couch and relaxed, enjoying to be served. Cause since I got home, I did nothing but to clean, cook, decorate...and cook again. Now I know how how it feels to run a family with 5 people...I love u, mom! God, I MISS HER! :)

the guys...Mate and Florin ( my sis Bf), talking about..."guys" stuff :))

December 24, 2009

Party in Club Cinema

After a full day of doing lots of things like decorating the tree, cooking, shopping, having fun with these lunatics that I have home,
it was time to shake it a bit in the club...
Enjoy the pics!