June 30, 2009

my pain reliever

I usually hate those days when " I exet my femininity" ! (these are the boyfriend words ). I can't moove, I barely can walk, and I swallow a lot of drugs to annihilate anything that moves inside my body...just for the first couple of days. But, fortunately enough, those are the moments my BF does everything to please me, he takes care of evey pat of mt body...so, when my pain relievers did their work, I can enjoy the snacks that my Bf brings me,when I'm lying in bed readingor when I'm in front of my laptop... He makes me laugh and I can bear up easier these days...

spoiled with some delicious watermelon...

June 29, 2009


...it's incredible what happens when a big star dies...part of my second job, at a morning TV show , is to read and discuss the most important newspapers... and since Michael is not between us anymore, all kind of news come up about his death... I was disgusted to find out the body condition he was in, and how he suffered many injuries when the "doctors" tried to bring him back to life before the ambulance arrival... Sad... anyhow, his music will last until mankind will, I'm a big fan, that's for sure!

June 19, 2009

my tigers!

So, I've got these two little sunshine kittens that I just simply adore! The grey one is a male, Richy on his name and then the white spotted one is a girl, Moni. They are still very young and eager to discover the world! But they are lost without the ones that feed them...they're adorable!
Love them!

June 18, 2009


Hey there!
It's been some time since I've last posted smth on my blog. Well, new things happened lately, like I started working for a local TV show, my man had his B-day and The Int. Theatre Festival "Atelier" started.
I'm going to tell you the new stuff ...since I have a bit of time to breathe! :)

June 14, 2009

love, sex, drugs

...in fact there was only fun and dancing :) A recent friend of mine,( with whom I'm going to start working on a TV show), is also a DJ (and a very fine one), invited me at this Narghila Club where he's mixing...so I gathered some friends, and for a couple of hours I danced till my feet started to hurt...but it was fun and the music was keeping you mooving!

June 11, 2009


So, this was my dinner...I had a long talk ( still having it in fact...) with some friends of mine, starting with my gal, the Peach, Mr.Orange, Kiwi Minty, the ones fom the Strawberry Hood, Miss Banana and my new mates from my garden, the Rasberry brothers...
A real party! :))

Can't live without them!!

the moment of happiness

Când eram mică, obişnuiam să-mi petrec verile la bunicii mei din partea mamei. Cam pe aceleaşi meleaguri pe care zburda acum ceva timp în urmă Ion Creangă...Neamţ...ne scăldam în acelaşi râu cu apă limpede precum cristalul, Ozana... şi aveam cât era ziulica de lungă cam aceleaşi activităţi ca şi copilul născut şi crescut la ţară. Au fost cele mai tari perioade ale copilăriei mele, în care ne-am putut întinde aripile cît am vrut..eu, surioara mea si fratele meu.
Dintre toate amintirile pe care le am din acea perioadă unică în viaţă, poate cele mai pregnante (de care mă lovesc- uneori -cu plăcere), sunt cele olfactive... iar motivul pt care scriu aceste rânduri, este chiar o mireasmă care s-a furişat în cameră prin fereastra larg deschisă în mijlocul zilei, şi care m-a făcut să revăd cu ochii minţii scene din viaţa de la ţară! Mirosul acela crud de câmp, de iarbă proaspăt cosită, de pămînt scăldat de razele soarelui după o ploaie scurtă de vară...Îmi umplu plămînii cu această adiere de vânt şi nu mă mai pot opri! Aş vrea să nu se mai termine...E uimitor cum doar o mireasmă te poate face fericit! Vrei să închizi ochii, lumea să se oprescă în loc, şi tu să rămâi acolo...prins în timp, savurând acel moment, de care nu vrei să te mai desparţi!
E atât de simplu să fi fericit!

June 8, 2009

June 6, 2009

Nu Regret, Nu Mă Jelesc, Nu Strig...
dar nici nu îngenunchiez!!

June 2, 2009

Sweet trap!

I have a period of days in a month when I need sweets...usually I'm ok with a sweet cream cake, or a fruit salad...but today I needed more than that! ahh...
I play guilty!
this combination of Rum-Kokos-Choko is madness!

another favourite of mine that's perfect anytime! I had the strawberry and the yoghurt& muesli onesand a Ferrero product! A must! :))

June 1, 2009

happy first of june to all kids!

The first day of june we celebrate in Romania, The Children day!
Where's my toy????