October 31, 2010

tranquility ♥♥♥

Just enjoyin' the last sunbeams of this month...after the Halloween hangover, I only woke up around 1pm..thank God I didn't had much to do today...just went out to buy some fruits and yogurt. Hope you have a tranquil Sunday too!
♥♥♥♥♥ ya!
Enjoy the pics!

October 30, 2010

Trick or treat

Counting the fact that I got the costume today...the outfit was pretty ok for this year Halloween party... A mix of Madonna & Catwoman ..and all the heads turned as I passed by... It was fun!!! Me and Mate wandered around three different places, but we've ended up in Zen Lounge, where we did the 2009 Halloween Party too! Got home around 4 am...Showered (ate smth becasue I was starving - yeah..I had some cocktails..and wine...) and straight to bed!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Lucky I got Mo there, who provided some bananas...my salvation...alcohol makes me hungry!!
Got wild....

October 29, 2010

in the mood for Halloween :)

Although Halloween is mostly known in the States ( primarily in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and US) , it's a holiday that probably a lot of nations in the world borrowed too...just cause is funny, scary and you get the chance to carve a pumpkin (jack-o'-lantern) and wear great costumes. I don't really like the scary part, just cause I don't like to mix the holiday concept with smth scary at all. A holiday should always be smth beautiful... so I like to enjoy more of a mild Halloween than the traditional one :)
I want to share some great pics that I found on the web some time ago - unfortunately I didn't saved the source... :(... - but I hope you like them!!!
Enjoy! My faves!!!!!!!!
wonderful ideas to decorate your house for Halloween :)


October 28, 2010

beautiful Romania

Romania is truly a beautiful country...it's just a pity that people here don't make an effort to embellish it with modern ideas, that other countries lived with for decades now... We're waaaayyy back... and that gets on my nerves... And every time I travel outside the country, a dual sentiment overwhelms me ... it's a lot of joy and it's sadness too. I love travelling and learning new things about other cultures, but in the meanwhile I am so aware of the fact that my country is behind, beginning with the outlook of the people, ending with all the institutions that conceive Romania...
Anyway... I want to talk about good things here though... and for that matter I can (at least) proudly say that we have astonishing nature all around Romania... Here are some pics that we took as we were going back to Maramures, from the Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamt. All the theatre crew wanted to eat so we took a break on the Tihuta Pass, in the mountains...
The pics below were taken at the "Ion Creanga Thematic Museum" in Humulesti, Neamt. Ion Creanga is considered the best romanian narrator (or story teller). And he really has some nice & funny stories. Plus he was born on the lands were my grandparents were born, I lived my childhood summers where he used to play... so I always felt a connection with his stories. It will ever be an absolute joy and pleasure to visit those places.
Inna and me fell in love with a splendid tomcat, who was hired to keep watch and ward over the museum...He was kind enough to allow us pet him! So we did...

October 21, 2010

10 min to the wonderful world...

The Bread of Life

Today I got a book from a dear friend of mine from the States...Tom. A wonderful man, who did and still does a lot of good to people, a man with a great heart! This is his first book, that he was so kind to send it in paper...cause I hate reading books from a laptop. I love the old fashioned way...it's just another feeling. I hope I'll never get used to read books from a screen...
I got the book in this afternoon -> ran at the post office to get it and then to the theatre because I had a show to play.
So, here I am again...THANKS A LOT, TOM!!! This means a lot to me!
The book is called "The Bread of Life", by Tom Iselin

October 10, 2010

quick stop @Sibiu

We left Bucharest in the morning...it was still all cloudy and rainy like outside. On our way back home, we stopped in Sibiu to have our (late) lunch...I don't wanna tell you about it .... it wasn't a memorable lunch...not mentioning the restaurant was one of the most notable ones in the centre of Sibiu...anyways...to be short = I was really hungry, we've waited a lot till we got our food and then....the deathblow...I've burned my tongue cause of their hot pasta....
The (only) good thing -> the weather was sunny, although chilly... and as we walked back to the coach, we could take some pics...soon after that, we were on the road again!
See ya soon!

October 9, 2010

@Bucharest...for children :)

I had a lot of fun this morning... After we had breakfast at the hotel, we went to find the location where the Int. Theatre Festtival for Children was running. Soon ... the our show started and I was (along with dozens of kids) in the theatre hall, taking pics.
It's always fun when you get to see how kids react when watching a theatre play :)) Furthermore...you should of seen the parents, they were more taken up with the story than their children :)))))))))
I asked Mr. Lulu to take a pic with me... :)
At the end of the show, all the dwarfs rushed on the stage, to touch the actor's masks and to take a pic with them. They were so happy! :)) Here are some pics I've done... (in order to get an idea!)

October 8, 2010

Cozia Monastery

I packed for a 3 days trip to Bucharest, where some of my colleagues had to attend The Int. Theatre Festival for Children. And since Mate was the "big, bad Wolf "of the story, I wanted to see how he was going to scary all those children :)))
Plus, I've never been along the Olt river channel before, and it was truly amazing!
I got to visit (also for the first time), the Cozia Monastery. It was built by Mircea cel Batran in 1388 (ooo!!) and barring the fact that it's one of the most known and valuable monuments of national medieval art and architecture in Romania, I was grateful to see it. The church of the monastery was used on a Romanian stamp in 1968. :)