September 29, 2009

Happy B-day to me! part I

Since we're approaching the day we'll have the premiere at the theatre, I really can not afford to loose not even one night with parties or stuff like that...not even for my birthday (?!)...

Just have to wait for next week to come, gather all my friends and have a good time, but FIRST I have to serve the Stage ... cause it will serve me too.

My Bf surprised many times today... I didn't expect him to, cause the "party" stuff was already planned for onother day with cake, gifts and all that. But, anyhow...I received gifts that acomplished me in all the ways possible... he made me feel very special, and kept me smiling almost all day long.

Before going to the theatre for rehearsals, we had lunch in town at a very nice place where we've never been to so far, then we just had time to go back home...and after that... put some clothes on and run at the theatre. I thought the surprises were over. But there was more to come... that's a 24 years old look? :))

Happy B-day to me! - part II

Well...the real surpise came after we finished rehearsing. It was way over 10 pm...we were all tired....
I had a hardtime focusing on what I had to do on the stage, cause of my B-day...I started to wish for some kind of celebrating soooo bad, that I couldn't wait for next week to come, to have a proper party... Anyways, out play finishes with all the actors singing an italian song. So after we finished the song on the stage, some of my colleagues, including my Bf, started singing " Happy B-day to you, happy B-day dear Gabi....happy B-day to you!" . Mannnn, that was soo sweet! And then another colleague of mine came out with a birthday cake from behind a setting and my Bf with champagne... and then...
I burst into tears...
This was by far the greatest birthday surprise I ever experienced. And the fact that I could celebrate this unique day on the STAGE, as an actor, it's really a special thing, it caresses my heart!
This was the heart cake we all shared in plastic plates and spoons, a stage life :))...and had champagne ( in the same plastic glasses), we all had a good time together with smiles , hugs and happy birtday wishes. I was happy! All these surprises made me real happy! I think I fell asleep smiling, back at home! "Family pic!"
All the crew working at the play "The lovers from Ancona"...actors, stage director, choreographer, theatre director, stage designer...
(the settings are not over yet :{ there supposed to be an italian plaza)

me and Mate wearing our "Guci stage clothes" ... eating some birtday cake :)

the man that made it happen!!!

Thank you all guys for making my day memorable!

Birthday Girl :)

the day just started... hmmm... 24 years old...

September 26, 2009

"little bee" time order to get my mail fixed and my blog updated ,I need to spend some time (more than an hour usually) in front of the lap top... and, as you know me by now, I can't refuse a sweet indulge. This time is a lil' cake called in romanian "Albinita"( it means "little bee") because is made with honey, a milky cream and ripe plums preserves...I simply love it!

September 25, 2009


Today, during a rehearsal-break at this new play we're working at, I took some pics of my new "theatre playmate" who's name is Lucia - from a hungarian play called "The Lovers From Ancona". She's bespectacle (obviously from the pics :)....) and a blabber too. Lucia: " No...I really see you clearly!"

I think this is one of my funniest characters I ever tried, but so far, I'm having so much fun playing with this two features that were quite unusual for me.... I do wear glasses( I actually have to wear them more often...) cause I have a problem with seeing things far away... , but in order to gibber, I have nobody to use as an example near I said "How would I speak if I were babbled"... it's peculiar but the stage director likes it, so everything is OK. Not mentioning that I love to wear my hair in two curly ponytails!! Cute! This coming sunday will have the premiere, an we still have as lot of work to do... by then, hope you'll enjoy the pics...there will be more to come!
Lucia "trying to find an answer"...

Lucia "astonished"

Lucia "in love"

milk chocolate boost

...this was an "8 o'clock waking day" and I was at 9 am at the theatre for early rehearsals... during a break or when I don't have to be on the stage at certains scenes of the play, I run in my dressing room and have my energy boost.... :))

September 19, 2009

keep on smiling...

...when that period of the month comes..when I "exet my feminity"... I'm dead without drugs.. need a lot of painrelievers to moove and act normal. I love to smile...and I usually use anything to keep me smiling... the pics are made this afternoon when we went out to get some sweeets...I neeeddd to eat smth sweet this period ...the body asks, I obey ! :))

September 18, 2009

Casa Bernardei Alba

Pentru iubitorii de teatru si in special baimarenilor, lansez o invitatie duminica, 20 sept -pentru a uita de grijile cotidiene si a se relaxa la o piesa de teatru, incepand cu orele 19, la Teatrul Municipal Baia Mare. Pentru bilete ma puteti contacta personal la nr 0744/459502 sau le puteti cumpara la teatru-casa de bilete.
Vom juca pt d-voastra "Casa Bernardei Alba" in regia lui Kinckes Elemer. Va asteptam!

September 16, 2009

a bit of ... new coming theatre character...she wears glasses...some like this ones :))

September 13, 2009

Sapanta - Merry Cemetery

I always wanted to see this place I visited this sunday and since I came to this part of Romania, Maramures...well there are still a lot of beautiful spots to visit I present you : Sapanta's "Merry Cemetery" .
- is known throughout the world due to the talents of the local sculptor, poet and painter Ion Stan Patras. During his lifetime, he created a great number of grave markers which are painted in distinctive "Sapanta Blue" and visually depict the deceased along with an often humorous poem about their lives, habits, personalities and how they died. Ion's intention was to create a place of celebration for the loved ones. He ended up creating one of the most visited attractions in Romania, as well as a truly unique site in the world. Probably the only cemetery in the world where you can smile...

September 11, 2009

paintball session

maaannn....I said I'm gonna try paintball. So after I finished reheasing at the theatre, I spent like 3 hours "killin' the blue enemies". I had a lot of fun, and I'll do that again for sure! Try it!

having some laughs...I was the only girl in an 8 guys ussual, that doesn't bother me :))
Just waiting for the perfect moment to act...a "pink bullet"...
having a break after "capturing the flag"

weekend plans

a bit of inspiration...

September 9, 2009

september musts

workaholic times... need a cup of warm milk at the and of the daymy latest obsession...just fell in love with this cute babe... Fossil's Chronograph silver dial. WANT IT!
hot baths with a lot of parfumed body scrubs...just a pair of early autumn shoes... heel yeah! keep my smile smiling :))

September 2, 2009

when september comes...

Hi everybody!! summer holiday is over, I had two monts to do whatever I wanted to... and I did that to the maximum! I've got to see my family, my cats back home, visited new and interesting places in Romania and outside of it.
But now I've got to go back to work..I hate to say "work" cause I don't really consider the things I do at the theatre as a pain in the...back... like everybody says, at least here in Romania..."Ohhh...God, I have to go to work again.." like they're going to die there...
At least I love my work, my passion, and just because of it I'm still in this country...
I have a lot of things to do this month... I still have like three exams at my acting-master courses, and we've already began the study at a new play at the theatre, my ID is going to expire and I've got to go home and renew it ... lots of things to catch up with...and at the end of the monts is my birthday too...hmmmm.... are some pics I took today during a water break at "work" :))

Zara dress, H&M earrings