February 28, 2010


Maybe you'll ask what's the connection between these two photos...
at first sight, there's none...
Except the fact that they have a strong meaning when it comes to the theatre play we're working on ... The premiere will be only on the 27th of march ( for the connaisseurs, right on The World's Theatre Day) when we'll tell a sad story in the most comic way we could imagine it!A play about illness, hope, love, pain, good times, sexuality, nonsense, teddy bears, raipists, doctors, lovers ... I'll check back with details ...

February 21, 2010

En attendant le printemps

With so much work at the theatre everyday, when it comes to a day off, I'm getting better and better on pampering myself only with good stuff...
...said "Happy B-day!" to my bro
...had fun doing some videos for him ~ as a B-Day gift
that brought tears of joy on his face, but also smiles :)
... walked in the park with my bf
... went to buy milk, fruits and vitamins
...cooked a delicious meal
...talked to my family
happy things, simple things , full of positive energy which I so need!

Faux fur vest- Stradivarius
Top - Fishbone
Gap jeans
Zara -Trf over the knee boots
Beenie from Oslo
Sunnies from the US...

February 16, 2010

Cluj news ~ part I

A one day trip to Cluj was needed to solve some paper problems, and since they were done in a couple of hours, me and Mate had a bit of free time to spend in this city that I like most in Romania. We woke up at 5 in the morning, so by the time it was 11 a.m, I was starving...We head out to Iulius Mall, cause there I have my favourite pasta restaurant...but last time we were in Cluj, Mate promised me we're going to have some sushi next time here... So, lucky enough at the Sushi Bar wasn't crowded so we could enjoy the waiter's full atention. And, God, she took great care of us ... a rare thing when it comes to romanian waiters! Sadly...
Anyway, we ordered a vegetables soup first, then Salmon-Maki, Tmago-maki and Tamago (which was almost the same thing like the previous one, only without Nori).
I'm not really a big fan of Shoyu (Soy sauce), but spiced up with a bit of wasabi, wasn't too bad! :) When it comes to sushi spices, the most loved one would be (in my case) Gari, which I spotted in a supermarket here in Rom too...So I definitely added it to the Next Buys list :)
A sushi meal couldn't be complete without a cup of o-cha(green tea).
Salmon maki
Surprisingly , they had cheesecake for desert, that was different from the one I've tried in the US or here in Romania..but still good. Maybe too much syrup, I would of trade it for some forest fruits...

part II - "hard working"

After a good light lunch, some golf exercise and a bit of shopping
were what I called an active siesta :))

Can't keep myself away from Stadivarius...

part III ~ sweet treats (again)

with too much of exercising, some energy refill is required...

I bet this stuff it's not healthy at all, but it's damn good!
A bit tired, but I know some chocolate cake will change that....:)))

February 13, 2010

yesterday, today and tomorrow

Sometimes photos just express better the way you're feelin' than words...and words just happen to complete them.
It would of been scary if I would just let the body act and let it take what it wants...meantime, it would of been so wild!
"God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly,
the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met."
Farrah Fawcett
need love like fruits ... at least twice a day :)
With the lack of free time, I'm starting to miss the really
simple things in life that one loves...
"To live is like love, all reason is against it,
and all healthy instinct for it."
When rainy days come, make sure
He/She will be there!
A flower with no special occasion will always last longer...
don't need any V-Days really!

February 7, 2010

Art Pill

Since today I was off and recovering from 2 days of hectic pain, I could find -surfing the net- some pieces of art that showered my heart with caresses. And if that's a drug...then I'll be glad to have an overdose of Rankin's photography.

February 6, 2010

the perfect place to relax with culture right next to you

The Library hotel is all I wish for a week of getaway, far from Romania, the people here and the damn crisis. I've always wanted to visit Thailand and I set my mind this year to get there! Not mentioning that they have lots of books and Mac gadgets to surround yourself only with those types of info that you love. Ah, that's heaven!

Here some info about this magic place!
The Library Hotelis located at the heart of Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui and offers spacious accommodation with free internet access and views of the beach.Rooms at The Library are decorated in a minimalist style.
They are also equipped with air conditioning, a 42-inch plasma television and DVD player. Other features include an iMac computer with broadband internet access an iPod docking station.
The hotel features a large library with a fine selection of books, DVDs and music CD's. Once you've picked out a book, lounge by the swimming pool or head to the private stretch of beach with it while you soak up the sun. You can also recharge with a work-out at the fitness room.
Other facilities include an on-site restaurant serving delicious international and fusion delights complemented with a fine glass of wine. To unwind head to the beach bar with a cocktail as you watch the sunset.

The Library consists of 26 units of accommodation in duplex style dotted in U-shape around the property. The total size of land is approximately 4 Rais or 6,400 square meters inclusive of 50-metre beachfront area. All rooms are equipped with 42 Plasma TV with DVD player, on-line PC, Jacuzzi in the Suite and bathtub in the Studio. We preserve old trees and decorated landscape with art pieces and sculptures. The white theme of the main library building by the beach serving as a recreational area. A 270 degrees seaview fitness located next to the red swimming pool overlooking to the sea. Additionally, the grey tone of the restaurant serving as an all-day dining. These attractive appearance and interesting theme are samples of our concept.