June 30, 2010

red entry

Where I'm stayin' in Baia Mare, I enjoy nature every day, every season, at it's full capacity...this time the currants made their red entry :)
It's good to enjoy a bit of free time, considering the fact that I just finished my 2 years of master in acting and the theatre activity is on "vacancy" for a couple of months...
The sound of the word "holiday" is starting to get familiar again...

Glad the good weather is back on track! ...did I mentioned I came back from Cluj with a cold...? yeah...with some pills and lots of vitamins, I should be ok. The sun does a lot of good...it keeps me smiling! :)
The last pics are from tonight...we went out for a tea @ Barbarosa Restaurant n' Terace and met some friends too.

beeing too serious... :)

...have to go...Take good care of you!
Love, Gab~

June 26, 2010

Officially having 6 years of acting study...

And today I finished with my master study...the examination was ok, I talked more than half an hour about my 52 pages of study... :) And done with that...
Now I can breath easy and focus on the other things I still have to do this summer, cause I'm planning to go and work in England in august. We'll see how that comes out...cause at this time, it's quite blurry.! After like 10 days spent away from my home, I'm really starting to miss it so bad...tonight we are going to head back to Baia. I miss my things...and the sun!
Guys, enjoy your freedom!!!!!!

June 20, 2010

red blooded woman

Had to run for a few days back home in Sf. Gheorghe, to solve some beaurocracy issues and along with that, see my family ( it's...I think, half an year now that I haven't seen them...). And since my sister's Bf works as a MC in Club Cinema, we spend this saturday night out...supporting him.. :))) Here are some pics... See you guys back in Cluj!...and...I started writing the master final study...uhhhhhhhh....hardcore....

with ma sis, Roxi (it was the red lip stick night...)
Love, Gab~

June 16, 2010

Mate's 25 B-Day!

Sooner or later I had to forget the feeling of doing nothing at all ...because the big final master exam, the diquisition how it's called, it's almost here. On the 24th of june, 50 pages of acting study should be written, all printed, ready to be presented in front of the Theatre/TV Faculty committe in Cluj... ahmm...yeah...Till then, I still had to deal with a lot more pleasant things...like Mate 25th B-Day. Since he didn't had planned anything to celebrate it, thinking only to focus entirely on the master exam, I tried to org. smth on the last minute...talked to all the friends I could gather in Cluj, ordered with a friend's help a big chocolate cake, and tried to surprise Mate by taking him to Enigma Cafe, thinking we'll be stayin' just for a quick drink...
Considering the fact everything was instant improvisation, it was a fun evening and Mate really enjoyed it! ...the cake was delicious too... But I know how much friends mean to Mate...and along with a toy present (that I got for him and he worships...) made a memorable birthday celebration. Thank you guys for coming!
Happy B-day Matee!

The cake was special too...actually a "two" candle was missing...so Liza found an original way to solve the "2" issue... :))

In Enigma Cafe, later that evening :)

...didn't forget to show Alex around....after all, Cluj is the only city in Romania I love...
See ya soon, 
Love, Gab~

June 15, 2010

Mogosa Lake

It seams the lake season is on... :))
We had some work to do in the morning, but after lunch we couldn't resist the invitation and temptation to join Alex (the british one) and Cristi out to Mogosa lake. They went with their bicycles up there and later, we got there by car, it was just simply faster to get to the lake. And..maaan...I wasn't sorry we went up there...the scenery was amazing!!! And the paddle boating part was fun too... We had such a blast! The time flew so fast..it was almost 8 pm when we've finally decided we should get back home, before night falls. Another perfect summer day!

Hope you're making the best out of your summer!

June 14, 2010

later that evening...

We went out in the evening at a new cafe lounge called Coffee Time, a sweet and elegant place to have a talk with friends, taste a bit of their fine pastrie and enjoy a sip of good redwine and blue cheese. Maybe I'll get to do some pics indoors next time I'm going(we choose the terrace), till then I'll post a pic that I found on the web. After having a yummy hot chocolate and a cheese cake (probably one of the best I ever had in Romania), we went home...but couldn't leave the area without noticing the beautiful lonely street next to the Coffee Time Lounge. That is where we took these pics that I simply love, most of them cause of the lightning suited for the late hour...Enjoy!

...wearing a Zara dress and Aldo pumps, that I adore!
Let the nudes come to me!! :)
Love, Gab~

June 13, 2010

Jet Skiin' @ Apa

Before going to Cluj to deal with the final master exam, a day out to a lake near by, called Apa, was the best way we managed to relax and forget about bad thoughts and stress. Plus, I got to jet ski with a friend ( he's Alex...yeah, it was like an invasion of Alexes names these days :), plus the british Alex decided to stay a couple of days in Romania, after his goup left back to England 2 days ago...So we hosted him at our place and of course we took him with us to Apa to relax, have fun and enjoy the romanian summer weather and lake water. Then in the evening we went with Alex, the romanian guy, in Sighetul Marmatiei to help him with some bizz. It was a nice and relaxing ride. A day full of new sensations!
Hope you enjoy summer too! Talk to you soon!

June 12, 2010

closing ceremony

It was a week full of really good theatre plays...but I can't help saying "Why do all good things come to an end...?" ...and they do after all...but it's important to remember the feeling you get when you meet this sort of things. I try to do that all the time.
So the pics are right before the Atelier Festival closed. I was really happy for Mate who won a prize :* Then after the ceremony ended, we all went to a restaurant and had a great time and talked about the plays we've seen during a week of festival.
Till next year, we say good bye to Atelier Festival!!

With Alex (the other Alex I was talking about fom the british theatre group) and Inna waiting on the theatre's stairs for the ceremony to start.

June 11, 2010

Romanian culturising for my new british friends

I am pleased to introduce you to my new friends from Great Britain (besides Etta Ermini, that I know from Atelier's last year edition). Meet Teresa, Alex, Etta, and you'll be seeing the other Alex, but in some other pics, because today he couldn't get up form last night's Zen atmosphere :))
This is the crew that is going to perform a dance-theatre show these days in Atelier too. Since they didn't knew much about Romania, me and Mate thought it would be nice to show them around some things they would remember about our country (if they wouldn't have the chance to come back again).

The Ethnographic and Popular Art Museum in Baia Mare is a perfect place to visit when you wanna know more about the Maramures history and not only...So to be short, we all went to the Village Museum (how it's also called) and after a bit of sightseein' we went straight to cool down our bodies with a cold icecream. The hot weather was to much for the british, Etta almost fainted...

We had a lot of fun today...but tonight it's our turn to act...see you there!
Love, Gab~

June 10, 2010

green afternoon

Doar cativa dintre noi sunt ceea ce parem a fi. Agatha Christie