December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011!!!!

This is going to be the post that has the biggest number of pics ever!! Well, it's New Year's Eve. It's supposed to be like this !!!!! It's the end of one hard year...that brought good things and sad things all together. It's time to celebrate the end of it and the beginning of a new year, 2011. I have so many things in mind for this year. But never mind those. Let's talk about this night. It was the first time I spent the New Year's party in a club; and since I was back home at my parents and my sister's...Club Cinema was perfect...not mentioning we're quite like home there. My sis's bf works there...yeah...

We were a small group of 8 people, but that was more than enough... So here are (a lot of) pics from the party night.

Browsing the Sephora shops this soon as I put my eyes on this yellow nail polish, I knew I wanted to rock that the 2010->2011 night, no matter what I was going to wear.
And so I did:
An hour or two after midnight, I had to change those high heels, if I wanted to party till morning. So I said adios to the black dress and slipped in some more party animal like clothes.

having fun with my sis :)

Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year with people you love, I think that's the most important thing!

Love, Gab~

December 30, 2010


Well (apart from the pic below), these days we went snoabording at Sugas Resort, it's very close to my town. The great thing is I learned to use to ski lift after some years ago when I almost broke my legs on another ski lift at Baisoara, Cluj. That day I said I'm never gonna try it again. But today I managed to overcome my fear and after a few tries, I did it. The resort has not a chairlift, so that was the main reason I had to try the ski lift again. I was so happy. For the people that ski, it's nothing, for the snowboarders it's a another story.

What have you been up to these days?

December 29, 2010

cats -fun -trees

Here' my cat, Bufi. It's a trully unique cat. I love her!
You cand do what ever you want with/on/under her...she doesn't mind. And when I say anything ...I mean it... :)))

Mate fell in love with her too... :)))

Then another thing I liked today ... was my sister's Christmas Tree ornament... :)))))
So original! :)))

December 27, 2010

going time

After a great relaxing Christmas time spent at Mate's home, it was time to pay a visit to my parents and my sis too. The morning we left Suceava, started to snow, that made our journey to Sf. Gheorghe quite laborious. Every one was driving carefully, but when we got home we knew it was worth the efflort :) Warm smiles, good ol'mama food, great Christmas Tree, warm sheets, Christmas presents and my dear cat were waiting for us! :) We'll probably hang around till the first days of january, 2011.
So...let's have some fun!

December 26, 2010

part of his world :))

Just having fun doing some shoppings...Mate just can't take his eyes/hand off meat...anykind of meat...the bigger, the better :)

December 25, 2010

Craciunul in Bucovina

After the Christmas dinner, we went out to take a walk. Plus Mate had to try his new heli that Santa->me :) brought him. A big Christmas Tree was set in the centre of Suceava, that dominated the whole area. It was quite chilli, but some sweet glazed almond changed the weather focus... :) The pics aren't great...were made with the phone and the light didn't helped much. But, you'll get the idea! :)

Wishing you an amazing Christmas!


When my heart finds Christmas, I hope it finds you too!

the Estée Lauder Santa ♥

I saved this post about the biggest gift I received this Christmas for today... The first picture of this set is from the Estee Lauder site, picture that I've been diggin' for the last 3 weeks...And now I still can't believe I own all the Limited Edition Glamour is Golden make up set. There are no words to describe all these goodies that Estee Lauder gave out for the 2010 holiday for an amazing price at Sephora...And believe me, it was a super deal, not mentioning that all these are luxury cosmetics.
I managed to take pics of every piece of make up that's in there...

Limited Edition

  • Cosmetic Traveler Case
  • Companion Makeup Case
31 colors, brushes and more. Plus tips on creating exciting, sensuous makeup looks.
All in a golden cosmetic traveler.

Deluxe Face Compact

(Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in
Nude Rose, Rosewood and Pink Kiss,
plus Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer)

Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact
with 18 coordinating shades (Ivory Slipper, Silver Bell, Tranquil Moon, Smoky Ember,
Candy Crave, Polished Platinum, Enchanted Forest, Hot Cinnamon, Peacock Blue,
Sugar Biscuit, Amethyst Spark, French Vanilla, Wild Sable, Nude Fresco, Berry Burst,
Safari Green, Tempting Mocha, Provocative Plum)

4 Deluxe Makeup Brushes (Powder, Blush, Lip and Eye)
  • Look Book with tips on creating great makeup looks with your new shades
  • and a Golden Stand-Up Mirror
Pure Color Gloss
(exclusive double-ended gloss with shades Pink Kiss and Plum Divine)

4 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks
(full-size, in Pink Parfait, Tiger Eye, Rose Tea and Bois de Rose)

3 Artist's Eye Pencils

(great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black,
SoftSmudge Brown and Slate Writer)

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (full-size 3.4 oz.)
Hope you're enjoying the pics, I am very proud of my work... :)
Happy Holidays!!!
Love , Gab~