October 31, 2009

trick or...

And I said... "Halloween it's only once a year...I don't have a costume...but I'll figure something out", and besides I loved the make up idea...So yes I've decided to go to that Halloween party where we were invited. Mate was more inspired and did his own horror leather mask during the day... freaky enough I'd say!Raul ( a theatre friend) needed some make up also. I was glad to help him...the old man look( he wanted to be Gandalf) that he wanted, transformed him into...Jesus :))

Anyway I had fun doing it! And he loved the way it came out!As for myself... I thought that a sexy all-black gangster lady will do just fine :) It's been a while since I've last had red lipstick on my lips and smokey eyes. Turned to be the perfect dramatic look that I've been looking for the outfit :)don't mess with...

"Forgive me Father, cause I've sinned..."between Heaven and Hell

just a chat with an old friend :)))

"Gotcha...I wanna see how you explain that to the rest of the World!...plain water martini I guess? :)"

a pic with the geisha barman :)

All the Zen Lounge was full of baloons, many of them were killed and ended up under our feet...

Hope you had a great Halloween! Enjoy!

gangster lady

we can do it! :))

the last days of october

...it's not much what I've been up to the past days. Only movie shootings from the early hours of the morning till ...well...till late enough just to come home exhausted, take a shower and try to sleep & recover some energy for the next day.
Today, I'm off... so it's a "dolce far niente"day. Apparentely I am invited to a Halloween party tonight...I just foud out that in the morning.The funny part is...I don't have any costume... Halloween was the last thing on my mind these days. Besides... romanians, as many other europeans, borrowed this celebration from the americans... like many other things. What I wanted to say is that we don't really have anything to do with it. That doesn't stop me from wishing to see an authentic Halloween time in the US... Everytime I've been in the States I left at the beginning of october. So never got the chance to see it live.. Along with Christmas, these two holidays would be the american celebrations I would definetely love to be part of someday!
Anyway...I found some really funny pic on Halloween!
Ideas for your perfect costume :)

...just for you and your lover :))

for the ones we love most... :))

if you're not into costumes...you can wear this!

ideas for decorating your home :))

...or for your pet :))

By the way this is my favourite Halloween pic ever!

October 26, 2009

autumn marks

so... the Piatra Neamt journey ended today, when we left the hotel at 10 am... The weather was too beautiful not to visit, on our way home, The Neamt Fortress...Even if I saw it this summer, the autumn light made it seam unreal...beautiful. We made a lot of pics..and it would be really a shame if I wouldn't post the best ones! :))

sepia session :)

with "the kid", Luci

me and Mate :)
a part of the crew that went to Piatra Neamt
with Ioana, the theatre painter and a really lovely person
love the autumn marks
We had to eat lunch somewhere...so the restaurant "La Cetate" near the fortress, was the perfect stop to enjoy this happy meal :)
simple and tasty

October 25, 2009

morning light

I had all kind of weird dreams last night...but the morning light made them disappear...had breakfast and had some rest in the hotel room...didn't felt the need to go out (I'm quite familiar with this town, been here this summer too), so I just enjoyed some time browsing the internet... and play with the camera. Enjoy!
love my new Stradivarius grey ankle boots...

sweet Canon Rebel XTI...