February 28, 2011

One step closer to spring!

Started the day with a delicious Chicken Salad made by Mate and then we headed to the "Martisor" Market. If you're not aware of the romanian customs, then sit back and learn something new, because this is a   tradition that you won't hear somewhere else but in this country. Every year the festive day of  March 1st,  brings back to us renewed hopes, confidence, faith in good fortune and a prosperous life. It is life, spring and the shining sun which win the battle against chilly weather, overcast skies and the nasty days of the Babe (the first 9 days in March). This triumph of rebirth and regeneration could not be better embodied but in the Martisor ( a trinket, March amulet) offered to loved ones in early spring.

The white and red thread of this amulet (a coin, money cowrie) which parents customarily tied around their children's wrist, young men offered to young women, and young women used to exchange among themselves was believed to bring good luck, good health, "like pure silver, like the river stone, like the seashell".

Hope I made you curious! :)
Here are the cutest ones I've seen at the market! Adorable! 
These are the ones that joined me home :)
Love, Gab~

February 27, 2011

after the storm....

After the premiere last night, that was overshadowed by bad news...we felt the need to run out of the city and enjoy our first free of work Sunday in the last couple of months. With mom that came to see us on stage last night, we left the boring city behind and took a ride up to Mogosa and Suior Resorts. Peace, beautiful views, relaxed people skiing, hot teas, tiramisu desert, hugs, laughts and photos...these were the things that we needed to start living again.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Love, Gab~

February 26, 2011


Just having some photo fun backstage, during the break, while the premiere of the show, with Ioana, the costume creator, and Mate :)

Premiere tonight...

Well, finally... the work we started in january, today, comes to an end. At 6 p.m. tonight, we'll start the premiere of the Visniec play. I am not going to translate the title of it into english. Probably only after a couple of months... There are just too many bad memories about it. Sorry.
If you need it, I will...but I doubt it. Along with this play work, these two months of 2011...were full of bad things, unpleasant, full with stress and surrounded by morons...and not only outside the theatre. It is said that you can't choose your family, but you're damn sure you can choose your friends. So this month I've cut some people out from my Friends List. But, that's life...I prefer to go on, thank you. That's the only thing I've learned in the last couple of weeks...along with the fact that this is a country ruled by morons, laws don't offer you any protection and if you don't know the right people and if you don't have lots of money, this country drowns you! This is not my home. And it's a thing that I'm fully sure of it.
Books were the only thing that made my existence better these weeks (along with the smile of the one who loves me). Love them more than I used to... I think this two months I bought around 12 new books. :) Reading kept me thinking at better places, better people, better moments to come.
Well, I hope MARCH will bring all the best things, beginning with spring! First of all I need to rest and surround myself with love and beautiful things, books, flowers and smiles!

February 14, 2011

Love is in the air :)

This is for LOVE!
Cause life would be so freakin' boring without it!

work for love :)

We've celebrated Valentine's Day working for love, as the title of this post already said. We didn't had any theatre rehearsals so we could enjoy some fun at the mall, being for the first time in our lives Cupids...or angels...or snowflakes with feathers...call us as you wish. At the end we were finished...after more than 6 hours standing and listening to lots of couples in love pleading for their cause (so we could marry them after), we were dead tired, and my back was killing me. But at least all that madness washed off all the problems that run all over my mind from the beginning of february. Hope you spent the day happy with the one(s) you love the most in this world!
Thank God there's love!!! :)

see ya soon,

Love, Gab~

February 13, 2011


Exquisite dancing, acting, makeup, actors. Worth watching definitely!!