December 30, 2011

Don't stop...

Just a lovely song I just received from a dear Turksih friend, that I had to's too beautiful!
Enjoy!  :)
- with translation also...

Don’t stop, rain, don’t stop

Artist: Gripin 
Song: Durma Yağmur Durma 


Durma Yağmur Durma

Zaten ıslağım Boğaz'ın ortasında
Yaşlarım gizleniyor damlalarında
Durma yağmur,durma
Cilalanıyor ruhum İstanbul sağanağında
Damlalar karışmış elmacıklarıma
Durma yağmur,durma
Okunmuyor adı artık yıldızlarda
"Ayrılık" yazıyor arkası yarınlarda
Sorma bana,sen de onu sorma
Sorma,sorma doldur Boğaziçi'ni
Sen doldur;ben içerim,efkârımla kana kana
Durma,durma doldur Boğaziçi'ni
Sen doldur;ben içerim,yalanlara kana kana
Durma,canım cayır cayır yanıyor
Söndür yalvarırım
Durma,n'olur durma
Durma,yağmur durma
Sorma,sen de onu sorma...

Don’t stop, rain, don’t stop

I’m wet in the middle of Bosphorus
My tears are hidden in its drops
Don’t stop, rain, don’t stop
My soul is being polished under the Istanbul’s pouring down
Drops are mixed on my cheekbones
Don’t stop, rain, don’t stop
Her name can’t be read already on the stars
Separation is writing on the next tomorrows
Don’t ask me, don’t ask me about her
Don’t ask, don’t ask, fill Bosphorus
You fill it and I’ll gulp it with sorrow
Don’t stop, rain, don’t stop, fill Bosphorus
You fill and I’ll gulp it with lie
Don’t stop, my soul is burning and crackling
Extinguish it, don’t stop, please, don’t stop
Don’t stop, please, don’t stop
Don’t ask me, don’t ask me about her

December 27, 2011

duty free beauties that somehow got stuck to me...

             This is just a preview of some beauty products I took while waiting in Muchen for the flight back to Romania asfter the wonderful Christams spent in Norway. Do I need to mention this is my first MAC product ever...?...quite annoying the fact that the closest MAC store is like freaking 550 km away from the annoying city I work in...yeah... sad. When I saw the MAC counter it was a bit too late...I already had spent my money on Chanel and Guerlain products. A lipstick was all that I could grab... :(   next time though...I'll go prepared! Stay tune for the next post with all the pics of these goodies naked! :)
 Love, Gab~

December 11, 2011

the dress

These are some pics that Mate took in our theatre cabin...during rehearsals or might be during the "The Powder Keg" show. After I finish all my parts, I still have like 20 more minutes to waith until the performance is, click! :)
See ya soon!
Love, Gabriela ~

December 9, 2011

photo pub

Decided to go out and listen to my friend and theatre coleague sing, Mache. He has a beautiful voice and he's a great entertainer. He's one of the most known singers in the city. 
Photo Pub is almost always full of people..and like most of the romanian pubs/bars, the decent ventilation is non of their priority...unfortunately. So for the non smokers, as myself, that is the fist thing that's gonna scream right at me: "Get out as fast as you can!" . This is when I remember how much I miss the american pubs and locals... Here, if you stay more than 30 min in a pub, even you freakin' underwear smells like tobacco, which sucks big time...not to mention my hair smells horrid and my eyes start to water.
So....of course, I couldn't stay till the end of his performance; but the songs that I listened were beautiful. :) Time to shower...
See ya soon! 
Love, Gab ~

November 24, 2011 early for the Christmas spirit...?

The weather is getting colder...the only thing I want to do is stay indoors, with a good book, a hot choco cup, or a watching a theme the ones I just saw...
 yeah, to be honest, I can't wait for Christmas to come! :)

Let the winter come! :)

November 22, 2011

show time

I like playing with colours...and the theatre pictures of my characters ar perfect to do that. It's fun to see how you would have looked in a past era. Check out the pics below...I'd probably never dye my hair fact, I'm against dying my hair at all. I'm trying to keep it as natural and as healthy I can. A wig will do on stage or on Holloween. :) 
:) Love, Gab~

November 19, 2011

it's black...

I'll always love animals....especially the closest ones to the human beings, as cats and dogs. The balck cat in the pic, is just a friendly neighborhood visitor that we started feeding for a couple of days now. It's just sweet and it has an interesting habit with it's front paws. He's so cute! :)

:) Love, Gab~

November 7, 2011

Foxy Lady

More pictures from theatre shows...cause, to be honest, theatre represents more than 50 % of my life. This is the Foxy that I'm playing in a theatre show called "Once upon a time in...America". I have a lot of fun during this performance. It's mostly made for kids, but any adult will enjoy it also. Not to mention we have cute outfits and funny face paintings. I love to do (as you already might know) my own make up, so this is just another great way to paint. Enjoy the pics, see ya soon!
:) See you @theatre!

November 6, 2011


             A new hobby of my bf is (and will be for a while) the airsoft everything. I'm not gonna get in to it to much. It's just a guy thing that makes him happy. They're still kids, just with bigger guns, right? :))
I love waiting for my man at home with a steamy dinner, as well as I do love to feed the dear ones in my life.
           So, while he went to meet "the boyz" this afternoon, I had a litlle bit of free time to make a quiche and his fave chicken soup. There's nothing more rewarding that the look on his face when he gets back at home starving, and he sees the meal waiting for him on the kitchen's table. :) What more can I say? :)

November 5, 2011

autumn finales...

Right in between theatre rehearsals, me and my colleagues took a Sunday off and went to a holiday home of a friend for a late autumn gulash. It was a nice time hanging out with some dear friends, the weather wasn't too bad so we had a great evening surrounded by trees with ripped apples and golden leaves. No strings attached, just pure nature.

October 29, 2011

HAU * lloween

All Hallows' Evening was close and I still didn't knew what I was going to be. Early this month I came across this indian costume @theatre...and I said... yes...this is it! I googled some indian genuine signs to draw on my face (I was a Cocopah Cucapa, with a Fiesta face paiting ... paired the costume with some Stradivarius pants and Zara boots, straightened my hair...and that was all! 
We hit the Coffe Time ( party and after a couple of hours we mooved to Zen Lounge to closure a really nice fun Holloween night. We took with us the 3 new actors that came to our theatre recently, and everything was just wonderful! 
This one above (red and white stripes) was me! :)

Hope you had a lot of fun this Halloween!
See ya around!
Love, Gabriela~