April 30, 2011


Kasho Club is probably on of the best clubs Brasov has...It looks indeed amazing, but I was a bit disappointed with the people ...I mean the customers. I just don't like being surrounded by teenagers when it supposed to be quite a select club. One more thing...the whole club vibe was ruined by a Vama concert.  I have nothing against the band (not to mention the solist has the same family name as I have)...it's just their music doesn't sound at all like clubbin'. It's more like for teens and people who are still students, for seaside party nights...anyways...with a few close friends and a Cosmopolitan (or two)...everything went ok. :)

...loved that chandelier! 

another vibe...

Before heading back to BM, we made a lil' stop to have some fun in Brasov. You already have to know is one of the best Romanian city... Check out the pics I took from ou hotel :)
It was a freakin' nightmare to find some space in the parking lot in front of the hotel...
The main reason we came to Brasov, was an international aerobic convention held at some hotel in Poiana Brasov. We went to check it out and I was surprised to notice I haven't seen people so passionate about what they are doing, for...far to much time. I've seen people smiling and willing to move and have fun at the same time....Then...I must of been cruising the wrong circles... :(

Anyways...the moments spent there filled me with a considerable energy pack. :) Then, we ended up at the Opera....well...Cristi wanted to visit some old friends of his, so we all took part of 20 min of opera show :)..I must say I ate one of the delicious tarts in the world during the break...I have to put my hands on the recipe...!!!  
 ...and the nigh was about to start...

camping attempt

We woke up around 11 o'clock...then the phone rang...It was my mom, asking us if we would like to join her and dad at a potato stew nature cooked ...I said "Hell, yeah!" It's just one of those things that you love and recall from your childhood memories...and you can'st say NO to these ones. So we went after Roxi (ma sis) and Doll (za dog) and off we went to have lunch. Everything was perfect. By the time we got there, mom finished cooking...so the food was waiting for us...The stew, completed with a salad...was unbelievable delicious! And I'm not exaggerating just because my mom made it...it was really good! Take a look!
Strawberries as desert :)
...and a bit of show from the notorious clowns of the family :)))
My parents were prepared to camp there over night...but in the end they changed their minds... anyways..great afternoon!
Hope you're having a great time! Love, Gab~

April 29, 2011

strawberry moments

When at home (back home in St.George), we try to keep ourselves busy (or try to make as much as fun things together as family)...so a cup of tea or coffee at a random cafe in town starts the day......then a pool game in the afternoon... and where's a photo camera...well...there's a "face" for it too! :))))

It's always good to see my sister. I love her and I wish we could be closer to each other...like living closer... Since that it's not possible now, I just try to make every moment special...that includes a common moment dedicated to strawberry buying... :)
Make sure you cherish every moment spent with your loved ones!
Will be back! Take care, Gabi~

April 28, 2011

kitty cats

It is settled:every time I come home, my cat is going to take a bath. I just like it so much! Not to mention that she does enjoy it too. Probably it's the only cat who actually stays calm when I wash her. This time I tried to dry her fur with the hair dryer :)))))))))) She was scared at first...but then she relaxed...and, oh, man...she liked it! :)))))))))
Just look at her! She's just adorable!
In the afternoon, me, Mate, my sis, mom and dad, went for a walk in the forests near the town. Of course, it was time to fool around! We just can't help it!
I'll talk to you soon!

April 27, 2011

with ma sis

After spending Easter at Mate's home, it was time to visit my folks too. Especially my sis, who has a dog... :)) You can see him in the up above pic...meet Doll. A mad/cute dog! :) Went for a walk in the park to calm the spirits... This is Sf.Gheorghe (St.George)by night...My home town...

April 25, 2011

outdoors Easter days...

This Easter came along with good weather... And isn't it a joy to celebrate it outside, surrounded by fresh green grass and trees? We went to some friends at the countryside...and the area was indeed beautiful! I'll let you enjoy the pics we took during that evening. :)

Breezy, but not too  much. The scenery reminded me of the summers I used to spend at my grandparents in Neamt. Great memories, great times!
...perfect place to shoot :)
This is how this spring heaven makes me feel!