February 16, 2010

Cluj news ~ part I

A one day trip to Cluj was needed to solve some paper problems, and since they were done in a couple of hours, me and Mate had a bit of free time to spend in this city that I like most in Romania. We woke up at 5 in the morning, so by the time it was 11 a.m, I was starving...We head out to Iulius Mall, cause there I have my favourite pasta restaurant...but last time we were in Cluj, Mate promised me we're going to have some sushi next time here... So, lucky enough at the Sushi Bar wasn't crowded so we could enjoy the waiter's full atention. And, God, she took great care of us ... a rare thing when it comes to romanian waiters! Sadly...
Anyway, we ordered a vegetables soup first, then Salmon-Maki, Tmago-maki and Tamago (which was almost the same thing like the previous one, only without Nori).
I'm not really a big fan of Shoyu (Soy sauce), but spiced up with a bit of wasabi, wasn't too bad! :) When it comes to sushi spices, the most loved one would be (in my case) Gari, which I spotted in a supermarket here in Rom too...So I definitely added it to the Next Buys list :)
A sushi meal couldn't be complete without a cup of o-cha(green tea).
Salmon maki
Surprisingly , they had cheesecake for desert, that was different from the one I've tried in the US or here in Romania..but still good. Maybe too much syrup, I would of trade it for some forest fruits...

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