December 9, 2011

photo pub

Decided to go out and listen to my friend and theatre coleague sing, Mache. He has a beautiful voice and he's a great entertainer. He's one of the most known singers in the city. 
Photo Pub is almost always full of people..and like most of the romanian pubs/bars, the decent ventilation is non of their priority...unfortunately. So for the non smokers, as myself, that is the fist thing that's gonna scream right at me: "Get out as fast as you can!" . This is when I remember how much I miss the american pubs and locals... Here, if you stay more than 30 min in a pub, even you freakin' underwear smells like tobacco, which sucks big time...not to mention my hair smells horrid and my eyes start to water.
So....of course, I couldn't stay till the end of his performance; but the songs that I listened were beautiful. :) Time to shower...
See ya soon! 
Love, Gab ~

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