March 18, 2012

ZARA Blue Leather Plaited Shopper

I've been hunting for this Zara blue bag since the beginning of fall 2011. It was love at first sight, and only a woman can understand what I just said. I must emphasize though that a dear friend of mine, a male..., Bob, helped me get this Plaited Shopper. So, thanks to him, I own this baby. The fact is that this city does not have a Zara shop...boring!!!!!!!! So, I have to go to Cluj to buy the things I want from them...or in this case, ask someone else to go and "capture" them for me and send the babies to me. Well...the things women do for the things they love! Right? :))
So...the bag is big, blue, quite expensive a man would say, has an inner pouch, but it's perfect for me when going to a theatre performance, when travelling (especially by plane) and, of course, when shopping. It's buffalo leather, it's gonna last forever, it's edgy because of the color and it's classy because of it's structure.

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