March 27, 2010

and the premiere...

I've celebrated World Theatre Day on stage, as every actor should. Remember the play I was talking about in the last posts? Well...we finally came out with it. "The Wonderful World of Dissocia" it's written by Anthony Neilson about a young woman suffering from dissociative disorder. Working on it was not easy...all by yourself... but after 2 months it came out and the spectators liked it. Plus, my mom came a 9 hours train way from home to see it(me)! And I was really glad, it's always reconfortating when seeing family among the public! And God knows, I needed her smile so much! Thanks Mom! The best!
So in this play, I'm don't know how to describe her in order to be "politically correct"... Well, she's going to save Lisa ( the damaged girl) from the sexual abuse that The Goat Man was going to apply to her... :)) So I'm taking over (the Goat man) for good! :D
It's interesting to see and funny at the same time. Soon I'll maybe post a video on the blog...
Will keep you in touch with that!
Enjoy the pics, and if you have questions, I'll be glad to answer!
Big hug, Gabriela
some romanian stuff about the show:

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