October 29, 2011

HAU * lloween

All Hallows' Evening was close and I still didn't knew what I was going to be. Early this month I came across this indian costume @theatre...and I said... yes...this is it! I googled some indian genuine signs to draw on my face (I was a Cocopah Cucapa, with a Fiesta face paiting http://www.kumeyaay.info/body_paint_pigments.html) ... paired the costume with some Stradivarius pants and Zara boots, straightened my hair...and that was all! 
We hit the Coffe Time (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coffee-Time/111077792310695) party and after a couple of hours we mooved to Zen Lounge to closure a really nice fun Holloween night. We took with us the 3 new actors that came to our theatre recently, and everything was just wonderful! 
This one above (red and white stripes) was me! :)

Hope you had a lot of fun this Halloween!
See ya around!
Love, Gabriela~

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