January 5, 2011

when life steps in...

Today was supossed to be the day the holidays were officialy over for me. We were meant to go home in Baia and start the theatre work. All packed up, we waved good bye my family and got going. These were the best winter holidays in the last years.
...but not so fast...when we were about 250 km away from Baia, Mate's car broke. So bad that we had to get it into an auto service in Sighisoara, the closest city from where the car refused to ride anymore :(

We tried to let it go (we were both quite sad and tentioned) and enjoy another day of extended vacation in Sighisoara. Since the car was going to be ready to go only the second day, that evening we've took a walk into the old fortress of this beautiful town. We had some hot drinks and a desert at "Casa Cerbului" Restaurant and we called it a night.

These traditional donuts with blueberry jam and cream made my day...

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