February 28, 2011

One step closer to spring!

Started the day with a delicious Chicken Salad made by Mate and then we headed to the "Martisor" Market. If you're not aware of the romanian customs, then sit back and learn something new, because this is a   tradition that you won't hear somewhere else but in this country. Every year the festive day of  March 1st,  brings back to us renewed hopes, confidence, faith in good fortune and a prosperous life. It is life, spring and the shining sun which win the battle against chilly weather, overcast skies and the nasty days of the Babe (the first 9 days in March). This triumph of rebirth and regeneration could not be better embodied but in the Martisor ( a trinket, March amulet) offered to loved ones in early spring.

The white and red thread of this amulet (a coin, money cowrie) which parents customarily tied around their children's wrist, young men offered to young women, and young women used to exchange among themselves was believed to bring good luck, good health, "like pure silver, like the river stone, like the seashell".

Hope I made you curious! :)
Here are the cutest ones I've seen at the market! Adorable! 
These are the ones that joined me home :)
Love, Gab~

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