September 4, 2011

back home... refreshments...

It's weird being back home...after the wonderful experience I had with Austria, Germany, Belgium, UK and, to top it off, was absolutely amazing we've managed to do all this!  Just to extend the beautiful taste and smell of foreign countries, have in the shower, 3 UK 1 pound gels...that are inexpensive and quite amazing. The Lime one is my fave, beacuse of its smell, the mint one will wake you up even if you drank for a whole week non stop, and the pineapple one reminds me o fresh juices. The candle was a gift after we finished the first camp...that was sweet!
So, september...can't wait to see what autumn will bring...the weather is still wondeful, so...skirt on! :D
See ya soon!
Love, Gabriela~

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