August 2, 2009 I come!

Tonight I'm leaving Baia to Budapest...Ill get to the airport at 3 a.m. and I'll have to wait until probably 11 am to have my check in...the plane to Norway should take off at 12.45... It's funny I'm gonna travel more going from Romania to Budapest(6 hours by car..bus...whatever...) than Budapest To Oslo...(2h30m).
Until the 15th of august...God...we're already august.. :O ... I'll spend my time with my bro and his future wife on an island near Oslo, where he's living, and continue my sightseein' in Oslo and the surroundings. When I was there in december, because of bad weather issues...I couldn't see all the things on the MUST, hope I'll get to visit all the good staff. Just hope it won't rain too much...I saw the forecast and it's not too brighty :/
Anyway...I'll keep u guys in touch! Waiting for comments or questions!!!

P.S. I'll post some pics from my last visit to Oslo, dec 2008
the Theatre

Karl Johans, the central street in Oslo

up - The Government Building

up&down - the new Opera of Oslo

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