August 11, 2009

"The Frieze of Life"

The Munch Museum (Norwegian: Munchmuseet) is a museum in Oslo, Norway dedicated to the work and life of the painter Edvard Munch. up: print cover of the "Madonna" up: "Madonna"
It opened its doors in 1963, the collection consists of works and articles willed by Munch to the municipality of Oslo, additional works donated by his sister Inger Munch, and various other works obtained through trades of duplicate prints, etc. As a result, the museum now has in its permanent collection well over half of the artist's entire production of paintings and at least one copy of all his prints. This amounts to over 1,100 paintings, 15,500 prints covering 700 motives, six sculptures, as well as 500 plates, 2,240 books, and various other items.
In addition to its collection of works of art, the museum also contains educational and conservation sections. It has facilities for performing arts. up: "The scream"
up: "Dance of Life"
up:"Jealousy""The Vampire"

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