April 4, 2010

Easter Day part II

In the afternoon, we've headed out to Inna's home, where she and her husband were waiting for us along with other two friends of ours. I've got to tell you that ... since 2 pm (when we got there) until 9 pm...I didn't felt the time passing by. We had a great time, eating delicious stuff that she cooked, talking about books, theatre, people...drinking several kinds of wine and not only, laughting, playing with Tomotei ( Inna's cat), taking pics...I'll leave you with the above and under testimonials, to get the whole idea :)
Oven baked lamb steak...delicious!
This is Timotei, everybody.... Yes, he is as downy bird as it looks! :)
Just love the warm weather finally came!
Hope you all guys had a blast on Easter Day too!
Best wishes, Gabriela

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