April 3, 2010

Happy Easter everyone!!

Just want to wish Happy Easter to you guys! Hope you'll be surrounded by your families and the ones you love the most these days! As for me, I 'm happy I have off a few days from the theatre, and I can breath the fresh spring air. I'm going to celebrate Easter in Baia Mare with my sweet love today and with friends on sunday. Hope I'll take some pics too, cause it's been a while since I've posted any...and you sure miss me, right? :))
Till then, enjoy this Easter crafted eggs pics that made me smile instantly. I'll paint some red eggs later in the day too. I used to do this back home with my mom and my sis a lot! :)) It was always fun! :)) Curious to know how do you celebrate Easter where ever you may find yourself in the world!
Big hug, Gabriela

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