July 24, 2010

Body Painting Party @ Club Cinema

One of my big loves is make up -> stage make up, everyday life make up, fashion make up, body painting...everything that involves drawing, painting...art. If you've been reading this blog already, you'll remember different posts of stage make up I did for theatre plays and not only...
This time I had fun doing some body painting for a club party... I've worked all night, but I loved it!!! Here are some pics... :)
These were the topless dancers of the night...a bit of woman power in men suits :)
Super(wo)man & Bat(wo)man


Anonymous said...

Cool work using the superhero theme!

We've been experimenting with bodypainting as an interesting component to nightlife and parties as well. Take a look at our blog, and maybe you can get some ideas for yourself. There are fun opportunities out there!

Good luck.

And, also the theme of female empowerment is pretty important to us too, and we've found that this type of body art works really well in that regard.


Gabri est là said...

Thank you, a2ndskin!! Really found some good ideas on your blog!! Love it! Definitely will check it every day!!
You have an inspiring day!!