June 14, 2011


Trying the play as much as I can these days... with the color blocking effect,  with high heels, with nail polishes, with ping pong balls, with words, with people...wink wink... :)) I love this outfit. It's all I can say. :) Love the Zara Top, the Bershka belt, TerraNova pants and teh Stradivarius pumps. 

Theatre plays~then after luch we hit the Gold Plaza games room~ seen the Japanese performance; they needed a bit of help with the translation, I spent more than an hour playing with words :) ~ spending time with dear people...and that's quite it! 
~with Zeno, a lovely lady working at the theatre :)
▼Hikaru Otsubo, performing "Starry Night"
▼Ping pong foolin' around time! :))
phsss...acting people background...hard to deal with :)))

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