June 26, 2011

flawless acting ... All About Eve

The vacation I dreamed for and wanted, was crushed by the cold weather that swept over the entire country. It was unbelievable...we had 10˚ C at night in July!!! i couldn't do anything...no going out, no sipping a fresh on a terrace, no sunbathing, no forest trips...nothing. I just made my way from mom's home to my sis's and back... It never happened to me before. And it rained almost all the time. So...most of the time, I either ate, browsed the net or watched movies...with a lot of snacks beside... :)) So this is how I ran into "All About Eve".  I must confess I had it on the hard drive for a few months now and I got it because I knew it was one of the first movies where M. Monroe featured... Till I met Bette Davis...and it changed my point of view. It wasn't about M.M. anymore...It was Bette Davis's movie. She actually became my fave actress of all times. Fabulous acting and I loved the theme, because I understood it better being an actress. Loved the movie. It's definitely a MUST SEE! So, go grab it!...at least the rainy weather had also a bright side for me :)

Original Title : All About Eve
Director : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Mary Orr (I)
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Darryl F. Zanuck
Music : Alfred Newman
Photography : Milton R. Krasner
Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
Anne BaxterEve Harrington aka Gertrude Slojinski, Margo's Protege
George SandersAddison DeWitt, Narrator/Theatre Critic &
Celeste HolmMrs. Karen Richards/Narrator
Gary MerrillBill Sampson, Director/Margo's boyfriend
Hugh MarloweLloyd Richard, Playwright
Gregory Ratoff
Max Fabian, Theatrical Producer 

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