March 25, 2009

My latest play "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Federico Garcia Lorca

About one month ago, Kincses Elemer came to the Baia Mare theatre to direct a Lorca play. Two days ago we had our premiere...It went pretty good.
Some thoughts about my character Adela Alba whom I love: we have a lots of similar features - at first sight, we have a childish atitude about everything around us, but when it comes to what we really love, we override everyone who gets in our way, even if it's family...especially family. A play full of life, passion( as its music - Al di Meola), lovesick women, young restless bodies craving for affection.

Timp de o oră şi 30 de minute,veţi avea ocazia să trăiţi odată cu noi -cele 9 actriţe- neliniştile şi pasiunea pentru acelaşi om. Pentru ca în final...
Următorul spectacol " Casa Bernardei Alba " va avea loc pe data de 1 aprilie, ora 18, Teatrul Municipal Baia Mare. Vă aştept cu drag!


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