March 25, 2009

Welcome to all species

For all of my friends and for the ones who want to become my friends...

First of all I love this invention...INTERNET. And since I got a lap top it's easier to keep in touch with all the news that happen all over the world. So I already tried all type of programes and sites to comunicate with people I know and love. But that just wasn't enough...I wanted a place where I could be more free to share my thoughts, my pics, my everything with whom ever wished to! So, here I am... I've created my own blog, my diary, my wish list, where I can post whatever I feel like to.

Secondly, you will be able to find out who I am from my pics and I will post some more info each time I'll write a new entry. So... who I am... I'm a 23 years old romanian actress, who's addicted to beauty. And I believe BEAUTY exists only through ART. I need beauty to keep on breathing, to reinvent myself, to love people, to love life, to be able to give every night the audience who came to see me, a dream, a hope, something to keep on going!

What you will see on this blog are going to be parts of who I am, I love my birth language, but I finished a foreign languages profile college, so I am definitely in love with english, french, italian and spanish - the last couple I've learned from the TV... :)) - So I'll have different language posts just enough for everyone!

My introduction has to end... I only wish :


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