September 29, 2009

Happy B-day to me! part I

Since we're approaching the day we'll have the premiere at the theatre, I really can not afford to loose not even one night with parties or stuff like that...not even for my birthday (?!)...

Just have to wait for next week to come, gather all my friends and have a good time, but FIRST I have to serve the Stage ... cause it will serve me too.

My Bf surprised many times today... I didn't expect him to, cause the "party" stuff was already planned for onother day with cake, gifts and all that. But, anyhow...I received gifts that acomplished me in all the ways possible... he made me feel very special, and kept me smiling almost all day long.

Before going to the theatre for rehearsals, we had lunch in town at a very nice place where we've never been to so far, then we just had time to go back home...and after that... put some clothes on and run at the theatre. I thought the surprises were over. But there was more to come... that's a 24 years old look? :))

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