September 25, 2009


Today, during a rehearsal-break at this new play we're working at, I took some pics of my new "theatre playmate" who's name is Lucia - from a hungarian play called "The Lovers From Ancona". She's bespectacle (obviously from the pics :)....) and a blabber too. Lucia: " No...I really see you clearly!"

I think this is one of my funniest characters I ever tried, but so far, I'm having so much fun playing with this two features that were quite unusual for me.... I do wear glasses( I actually have to wear them more often...) cause I have a problem with seeing things far away... , but in order to gibber, I have nobody to use as an example near I said "How would I speak if I were babbled"... it's peculiar but the stage director likes it, so everything is OK. Not mentioning that I love to wear my hair in two curly ponytails!! Cute! This coming sunday will have the premiere, an we still have as lot of work to do... by then, hope you'll enjoy the pics...there will be more to come!
Lucia "trying to find an answer"...

Lucia "astonished"

Lucia "in love"

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