November 5, 2009

some thoughts gets overwhleming sometimes...2 days ago, when I was going on with the moovie shootings, I thought the day was never going to end. I had some scenes out in the woods. The sun was shining but the temperatures were so down that I could barely speak when it was time for "Action"...I was wearing a party dress and hight heels...I froze to death. Even done push ups to warm up my body a bit.You should have seen me in high heels doing push ups like a freakin' soldier... Insane! Plus had some human disappointments...big ones...ahhh, I just wanna forget that and learn for good that not everybody is so nice and willing to help others...fuck that!

This morning I couldn't sleep 8.30 I was still in bed but my mind was all over the place... shopping list, family, work, and Christmas...yeah ...I know it's only the first week of november, but time flies so quick( at least it did for me the last couple of months). I was a bit sad, because usually I'm going to my home town that period of the year, and spend the holidays with my family. But this year my parents are going to visit my bro in Norway and they are coming back only in january next year... I'm used to having a Christmas tree each year...and it's not really Christmas time without it. But no need to worry...I already found a place where to stick my own first Christmas tree here in Baia Mare. I'm excited :))
But first I have a lot of theatre plays, a moovie to finish and master classes to attend.'s rainy...

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