November 1, 2009

sweet sunday work...

I went to sleep last night way past 3 a.m... no need to mention that I woke up too late to arrive in time for the movie shootings, that go on no matter if it's sunday. Well that's not really a problem, cause I'm used without having free weekends from the acting college...but, the thing is, today... for the first time in my life, I woke up at 8.30 am when the alarm clock rang. But sleepy me, I stopped it :) thinking I have no need to wake up so early and I went back to sleep, naturally....Anyway, a phone call to the director solved all the problems and soon he sent his wife after me. She gave me a ride till the Art Gallery where the set was for today... The next thing I know... I was on the makeup chair...

I usually smile when it comes to photos, but...soon after I was ready to start shooting, I felt really tired and wished they were over as soon as possible. maan...I'm only 24 years old and already I feel a lost night...I guess it's from all the crazy things going on (one after another)in my life, since I got back to work in september... Have to keep holding on!

Hope you enjoy the pics...even if I'm not smiling so much :)

hope you have/had a great weekend!

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