November 6, 2010

cause there is love...

Today...we are 4 years and one month bigger in love :) I don't know how many people are celebrating their love every month ( well...the day they started being a couple), but we do...and I love it...last month we "grew up pretty big"( as we like to say), so we share love, respect and smile for 4 years now...And we celebrate in different ways... Either we go out to dine, or we buy each other a present, or smth to do with sharing love :)
Today he surprised me with a little present form the Douglas store :) An ARTDECO magnetic make up storage case, that I've seen a couple of days ago in Gold Plaza Mall...adorable!!!
And I ordered smth really nice for him- from a site that he loves...arcuri& :) Hope (when i gets here) he will be happy!
...we had lunch at home - he made a Chicken Salad that I ♥♥♥♥ !
Hope you're having a great weekend!
See ya soon!♥♥♥


*Simply Colette* said...

My best friend uses Joico and her hair is so beautiful because of it. Did wonders for her hair!

Gabri est là said...

Hope it will work for my hair too..cause I just hate cutting it... :) I can see you also have long hair...what do you use to keep it beautiful and healthy?