November 8, 2010

Happy Name Day!!

It was about time to enrich my cooking experience with smth new...and since today was special, both me and Mate celebrated the Name Day...we've decided I should cook some Chicken Tacos...well actually, it's not a lot to cook...although I had fun doing the Salsa sauce. Mixing all those new ingredients was some kind of magic... And ...YES...we loved it! Mate ate Tacos in the States before...but I just didn't...although I worked in two different restaurants... Here are some pics...enjoy! Bon appetit!
up- homemade Salsa Sauce
down- heating up the tortilla
All the goodies for some perfect Chicken Tacos :)
I'm starting to love Douglas presents :) I can't never get enough of perfumes... and never had Valentino before... So, my bf got it right! :)
I ordered a couple of days ago this Joico K-PAK Shampoo&Conditioner pack, and today finally came. I was running out of my old products and just needed to try something else. I don't wanna cut my hair so...(even if it costs me a lot of money to take proper care of it). Curious to see how it works...heard a lot of good things about these two below :))

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