May 29, 2009


A look over The Lies Bridge
These are some pics from Sibiu, where we are going to participate at the International Theatre Festival. We've arrived on the 29th of may, around noon, we ate and we went out to visit the old medieval city. Since our hotel was center located, all the beautiful things were near by, only the weather was ungrateful with us. For this time of year, it was way to cold and it rained too...the bad thing was we all brought light summer clothes with us, and Sibiu welcomed us with autumn weather like... Anyway, I tried to enjoy the sights and promised myself I'm going to be back this summer to finish visiting it!
just a quick stop for gas and some reading refill

the Town Hall of Sibiu in the Large Square

Sibiu's Radu Stanca Theatre

inside the Theatre

The Evangelic Cathedral situated in the Huet Square

a beautiful stained glass in The Roman-Catholic Church

view of The Roman-Catholic Church Tower from The Small Square

a look down from The Stairs Passage

near the Lies Bridge in The Small Square

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