July 18, 2009

orange mood :))

Hey there! ...how about a light textured "strong" orange summer dress? I took my Zara statement colored dress, my summer Meli Melo hat, the light New Yorker flats, my animal print sunglasses...and on the way to visit Braşov and Poiana Braşovului.
the sunset time is pefect for visiting....during the day it's way to hooot!
Piata Sfatului is a nice place to rest, and soak in the beautiful scenery. During summer time, outdoor cafes line the square and the place is lively.

above Braşov, on the way to Poiana Braşovului
Poiana Braşov is the most popular Romanian ski resort and an important tourist center preferred by many tourists not only from Romania, but also from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and other european states.
Poiana Braşov is host to a number of hotels and restaurants, the majority of which cater for foreign tourists. Two of the better known restaurants are Şura Dacilor (The Dacians' Barn) and Coliba Haiducilor (The Outlaws' Shack). There is also one nightclub, Capra Neagră (The Chamois), adjacent to a pizza place which plays a mixture of Europop and dance music. Among other attractions in Poiana Braşov visitors can find traditional mulled wine and a pepper spiced alcoholic drink known as ţuică as well as other traditional Romanian fare
...after some long sightseeing walks, we've stopped under the forest coolness and shade and had a healthy picnic, ending with my season favourite desert, nectarines...(I'm eating one right now!)
See ya soon, 
Love, Gab~

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