July 20, 2009

second part- "looking for the light"

I spent this afternoon visiting: 1. the only volcanic lake that Romania has...Saint Ana lake...I must say even though it's some 30 miles away from my home town, I didin't got the chance to see it yet...but today... The scenery until you get there is beautiful, but the road...Oh...God, this is one reason that makes me hate this country. The road was sooooo bad up there...you need a 4x4 car to survive the craters on the street...... and when I got at the lake...they don't even have an indicator to say "this is...and why...and so on..."
oh , Romania..."poor ...rich country"!here is some more info about the lake: Lake St. Ana in Transylvania (Romania) lies in the cold crater of a dead volcano, at an altitude of 950 meters.The Saint Anna lake is surrounded by legends, mysteries and miracles. Even the shape of the lake is not usual; it looks like a large tear-drop. One Szekler legend suggests that it was filled with tears of virgin girls who were forced by a cruel landlord to pull his carriage. The lake is not fed by any brook or stream, the only water supply is the rain, therefore, the water of the lake is nearly as pure as distilled water. The area of the lake was not only believed to be a hiding place for pagan gods or genies, but also has been and still is one of the most adored and respected sacred place for the Christian Székelys, who always come here with a spirit filled with piety.
2. I couldn't wait to visit some caves... Varghis caves...awesome..with bats( over 11 species of them)...you can definitely feel the adrenaline rushing into your veins when you're about to enter in a black hole...not knowing what's gonna wait for you in the darkness. You feel so alive!
Enjoy the pics!

...inside out...

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