October 4, 2009

Gabi and "Lucia" at the premiere...

So the big night of the premiere came... I felt anxious, part because I wanted everything to go perfect, not miss one word or action from my acting, and part because I didn't kne what to expect from the spectators... but everything went really fine, the people started to react pretty soon at the funny things that came out from the text, the costumes, the acting, the music.... This show, "The Lovers from Ancona" is meant to be a comedy filled with music, laughts and lots of fun! It should bring as many spectacors as possible...anykind... "Lucia Nicomaco"

As usual, I did my best on the stage and at the end of the play, me and my partener received the most of the applauses...then - me = happy!!
P.S. I'm waiting from the ones who saw the play some opinions!

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