December 26, 2009

Christmas Party

So Christmas night went really nice and simple....well... if I can say "simple" with a lot of crazy people in the house ... We had DJ Ball as a guest to our Christmas dinner, so with a bit of help from Lore, I managed to serve a beautiful and delicious meal, with a seafood entree and oven baked chicken with mashed potatoes. Soon after we finished, Catalin (the DJ) and Florin headed to the club cause they had to put some things together for the night, and the rest of us started to prepare for the Christmas Party (after I washed a huge pile of dishes ).

with my sis, Rox

up - BlackmateMan,
who is always an entertainer and the photographer...
you just can't get bored when he's around! :)

up - Florin, who's been working both last night and tonight...
but still smilin'

and a tone of pics with me.... :D

again with ma sis

Lore, me and Roxx

It's not a commercial for's just one of the things that I drink when I go out... since I didn't feel like drinking Bacardi Breezer, a plain water is always a plan B! Plus, it hydrates my body and I can go on dancing all night! :)

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