December 24, 2009

and another Christmas Tree, in Sf.Gheorghe this time :)

As I said in the last posts, when I get back home in Sf.Gheorghe, I'll have to decorate the real Christmas Tree. And this year it came out really beautiful!
"My sis, Roxx, her boyfriend Florin, Mate and I" - that was the crew that ruled the Chirila home this Christmas. Florin managed to buy the tree, and listening to Christmas carols, the rest of us decorated it, laughing, video recording, having a great time together...
I wished my parents were there with us, and my bro too, but I know for sure they are doing good in they deserve a bit of time off from their jobs and problems.
Mate was the photographer, and here's just Florin, Roxx and me...and of course, the Christmas Tree, that I'm so proud of! The cat was not around... :)

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