December 21, 2009

Christmas comes but once a year....

Despite the fact that I only had one day to enjoy my little but lovely Christmas tree we did "home"in Baia Mare, I had a lot of fun decorating it. We left the city next day for a Cluj trip, to attend some Master classes, but I couldn't leave home without having a bit of Christmas atmosphere inside...
Plus... since I can remember it never passed one Christmas without having a beautiful Christmas tree back home in Sf.Gheorghe. Since I left my home town for university, during Christmas time, I always managed to go home, and the tree was every single time there, waiting for me, either to decorate or admire it!
We didn't bother to get a big one, as I was used to, cause we didn't had really enough space to fit it, so a small and delicate one did just fine! Since we had red decorations we bought some more and that was it :)
Well, of course the windows couldn't escape from our will to make the Christmas spirit more alive, so we gave our best shot in "snowing" them with a cute snowman (I did it) and a cat (that Mate did). We had so much fun!!!

Maybe I'll get to make one back home, even if my parents left the country for Norway to spend the holidays with my bro and his future wife... we'll see... Happy Holidays everyone!!!