August 28, 2010


Apart of being the administrative centre of the European Union and the capital of Belgium...Brussels means picturesque medieval streets, lively squares, beautiful boulevards, impressive monuments, spacious parks, cosy cafés, interesting restaurants and an active cultural life and (probably the same poem for all the tourists) - chocolate, waffles, beer, lace, and ...chocolate again... :)
delicious belgian waffles :)
St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Michel or Sint-Michiels Kathedraal) was the first thing we visited as soon as we parked the car...Inside the cathedral we heard a beautiful voice singing the mass...celestial :)
City atmosphere... of the many things I like to do when I get out of the country is I buy my fave magazines at their (almost) normal price...For eg. Vogue Paris is three times more expensive in Romania to buy than in the rest of the (central or west) european countries...Thant gets on my nerves... Freakin' backward country...

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