August 29, 2010

Salzburg ♫♪♫ Austria

The pic above is a duo - the left one is me in the same place as in the right one, only that is 8 years ago...and the right one is this year, well this month...A lot has changed...
I was so happy I could see again this beautiful city of Austria. It's just the perfect destination for an european relaxed vacation. It's for sure...I'll always love these places! If this pics won't make you wanna see refuse to see pure beauty.

Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria (after Vienna, Graz and Linz) and the capital of the federal state of Salzburg. Its "Old Town", with its world famous baroque architecture, is one of the best-preserved city centers in the German-speaking world and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The name Salzburg literally means "Salt Castle", and derives its name from the barges carrying salt on the Salzach river, which were subject to a toll in the 8th century.

The Salzburg Cathedral (German: Salzburger Dom) is a 17th century baroque cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg in the city of Salzburg, dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg.It is the site of Mozart's baptism.

Hohensalzburg Fortress (Festung) Located on top of a mountain, the Festung offers breath-taking views of Salzburg and the Alps. One area of the fortress offers visitors the chance to look down on a field below to find only one house, the executioner's residence. It was believed to live anywhere near the executioner was bad luck. Inside the fortress is a museum of medieval weapons, life on the fortress, and torture instruments. To avoid the vertical hike up to the Fortress, a funicular is available to ride, for a fee.
Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart's birth house), Getreidegasse 9 - The Mozart family lived in this house in the heart of Salzburg from 1747-1773, where W.A. Mozart himself was born on 27 January 1756. The house is now a popular museum devoted to Mozart and his family, with interesting memorabilia and letters.

Getreidegass - A long yet narrow street running parallel to the river in the center of town, with lots of shops, famous for the old (or old-style) signs of profession outside each store. Getreidegasse (also known as Grain Lane) is a busy shopping street in the Old-Town section of Salzburg. The house at no. 9 Getreidegasse is the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and where he lived until the age of 17. Is one of the oldest streets in Salzburg. Most of the buildings feature wrought-iron guild signs hanging above the shops.

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