August 27, 2010

say good bye to Langley, UK two weeks of fun and work ended so fast... it's almost the end of the month...the end of summer...time to go back home, to my theatre bizz.. :) Since we left Romania at the beginning of the month, we've experienced only great stuff! Not only that I've seen a lot of new countries and cities, I've learned about them , but I got to spend 2 weeks in Langley School, near Lodon, Norfolk ,UK and work with english-belgian-american incredible people for belgian teens. It really was a wise idea of work&fun mix for this last month of summer. All this refilled my batteries with good energy that I so need for my theatre work back home. So with all these good memories still fresh in my mind, we've started the journey back to Romania.
These were the stops ->Dover,UK->Calais,France->Ghent, Belgium->Bruges, Belgium->Bruselles, Belgium->Germany->Salzburg, Austria->Hungary->Baia Mare,Romania.
Langley School, Norfolk, England
Inside the Euro Tunnel train
The summer is so over....but it was amazing!!

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